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Thursday, September 01, 2005

My locker is already trashed!

I think I was in the building for somewhere around 15 minutes when I noticed I already had crap strewn about in my locker.
The Fool is pregnant!!! Well, techniqually he isn't, but his wife is; they have only been married around a month. Oh, and another girl at school is pregnant--this time it's a senior instead of an 8th grader though.
I found out that I might be able to get my learner's permit in around a month! How sweet is that? Driver's Ed. is...amusing. We were talking about gas prices--I guess in Ladysmith it's over $4.25 already. Vodka said that she even saw it $4.65 somewhere--THIS IS FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I'm the only sophomore in my chemistry class--which totally blows. Wanna hear the worst part? I sit next to He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless. He walked in the door and was absolutely astounded to see me. Yeah, I feel bad saying it, but the teacher, Mr. Peterson, is quite cute. Although, he swears quite often. I think I have to start calling him Antimony. He was trying to help us learn how to memorize elements--his example was Antimony, which is Sb, also known as son of a bitch! I don't think I've ever heard a teacher call someone a dumbass before. It was hilarious because you know he's not serious. He actually went to school in Philly, which isn't really weird, but the fact that he still has his ORIGINAL chemistry notes from back in the day is quite--amusing. Especially when he was reading them and talked about getting freaky with some chick....
In English, Pink Piggy and I were irate! Mrs. Reilly just assumed that President Poseur is the smartest person in our grade--she even went as far to call him the "Sophomore Einstein." Pink Piggy and I do not feel all to strongly towards him. I mean, I was fine with him up until last year. I always thought he and I were close friends until the class president elections. I'm sorry, but no one else would run against him, so I signed up. After he found out I was his competition he stopped talking to me. Oh well, I figures he'd win anyway, but he doesn't need to be like that. Oh my goodness, he just came online--that's odd.
I applied for a job at Dolar Discount as a cashier/stocker. The only bad thing: if I get the job I cannot be on the dance team. My mom told me to apply, see how I like it, and if it interferes with practice I can always quit--the store.
Hmmm. I am really tired; I've been awake since 4:20 am because I somehow set my new alarm clock wrong. People gave me a headache. Seriously, do I look like "Man-pretty Central"...people kept coming up to me and asking where he was! Oh, and Beaver, the thing in his pocket was part of his sunglasses.

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Samantha said...

Hey Lemons,
I kno Mr. P is cute I tried to tell u all this stuff would happen but i wouldnt go to work at the Dollar discount because on the dance team this year we are goin to be in competition with other schools and you cant miss this.