"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Friday, September 09, 2005

Somebody hit me with a spatula

I'm very short--so when I kneel or sit on the floor my eye level is about waistish on most people. When I arrived at school I was kneeling infront of my locker to put my books on the bottom. I heard this weird noise that sounded like hooves, of course I didn't look up until a shadow was over me. When I did turn me head I saw--well, just below Man-pretty's waist--I'll let you guys fill in the blanks. The funny part is he was wearing a kilt. After he stopped laughing at how funny the situation looked, he told me that he was pissed at me. He was all like, "Yesterday was my first day back, and you didn't talk to me! I felt lonely--are you ignoring me?!?!" I guess he didn't hear me saying hi to him yesterday--I thought he had been ignoring me, so I didn't say anything else.
He settled down and we went to the library--where we used to spend countless minutes kissing before homeroom. We mostly talked about how boring Scotland was. Along with his kilt, he had one of those little leather bag thingers (he told me what it was called but I forgot). He explained that the traditional Scotish who don't wear any undies (free-ballin' as he put it) wore the bag (purse in my opinion--he had his wallet in it) to keep "parts" from being visible to the public eye.
The strangest thing happened while we were talking. It wasn't awkward--it was literally exactly as it had been before. I have this thing, that when I talk to people I CANNOT physically look them in the eye. The thing is, I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes off his. Seriously, I tried looking at the table, but that didn't work--I just kept staring into those brown eyes.

During lunch I ALWAYS sit in exactly the same spot. People know that's my designated spot and if they sit there--well, no one's ever taken it from me....
Man-pretty knows that's where I always sit. Well, I went to get my lunch came back and there was Shop Buddy sitting right where I had left him, Pink Piggy was sitting across from him with the widest eyes I've ever seen. Then I saw Man-pretty sitting next to her waiting for me. It was REALLY weird and the last thing I expected him to do. It was also confusing because he and Shop Buddy's parents chose to give them the same "real" name, so whenever anyone was like, "*****......" they were both looked.
Then of course after Man-pretty left to go talk to Cake, everyone kept asking ME if he was wearing anything under his kilt. For some reason I asked him earlier so I actually knew the answer. Is it sad that I found his kilt attractive? I'm guessing it's just seeing him after so long--he really is quite handsome. *sigh*

Okay, I'm changing the subject now because I don't want an ENTIRE post about Man-pretty.
During Contemp. Lit. I tried not to do anything related to the actual class, so Shop Buddy and I found some laptops (or notebooks or whatever they're called this week) and did some stuff on them. The guy behind me (I've never talked to him before this year) saw me checking my blog and he wanted to read it.
I had a major realization when he read some of my entries. He's from Philly and is only a year older than I am. Yet he read my blog and didn't know who anyone was. He didn't believe that such people attended Philly High. He seemed persistant on knowing who He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless is which I found rather funny because I know for a FACT that they know one another. Everyone in Philly knows each other or has at least heard of each other.

My mom is pissed that my lab results aren't in yet. We won't find out if I have lymes disease until Monday. I guess she misunderstood the nurse or something. If I DO have lymes disease I have to have the spinal tap. If I do not then I have to have a catscan and all that fun stuff. Quite a few people freaked out when I told them I might have lymes disease. Everyone knew at least one person who has had it before and said that the person either a.) almost died, b.) had to have some sort of dangerous medical procedure, or c.) was uber sick when they had it.

I guess I'm weird, but as I'm constantly reminded, we all know that.

This is a really long post. Most of it was about Man-pretty and that bothers me. I am really glad that when he and I talk it's not awkward or anything, but it just feels really comfortable--too comfortable at that.
We'll see how things go from here I guess.

Here's a fantastic song that says it all when nothing more is to be said:
"It Just Won't Quit" -Meat Loaf

And I never really sleep anymore, and I always get those dangerous dreams
And I never get a minute of peace, and I gotta wonder what it means
And I gotta wonder what it means

Maybe it's nothing and I'm under the weather
Maybe it's just one of those bugs going round
Maybe I'm under a spell and it's magic
Maybe there's a witch doctor with an office in town

Oh is this a blessing or is it a curse?
Does it get any better? Can it get any worse?
Will it go on forever or is it over tonight?
Does it come with the darkness? Does it bring out the light?
Is it richer than diamonds or just a little cheaper than spit?
(I don't know what it is)
I don't know what it is but it just won't quit

And there used to be such an easy way of living
And there used to be every hope in the world
And I used to get everything that I went after
But there never used to be this girl, but there never used to be this girl

Maybe I'm crazy and I'm losing my senses
Maybe I'm possessed by a spirit or such
Maybe I'm desperate and I've got no defenses
Can you get me a prescription for that one perfect touch?

It's a stairway to heaven or a subway going down to the pits
(Is it some kind of love?)
I don't know what it is but it just won't quit

There was a time when nothing ever really mattered
There was a time when there was nothing I didn't know
There was a time when I knew just what I was living for
There was a time and the time was so long ago
There was a time and the time was so long ago
And I never really sleep anymore


Anonymous said...
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zdf_jammin said...

more spam? i found a way to stop it, but i actually didnt do it, cuz im sped like that.

we need to talk a lot during lunch sometime next week


le penseur said...

Holy crap, Lemons. Is this what I miss when I work my ass off and can't read your blog? Speaking of which, I got off a 12.5 hour shift, which was total hell. I'll probably blog about it later. Sounds like you've been having a good time, I mean, without the whole lyme disease thing. Stupid ticks. That's one of the downers about living in the Mid-west, aside from the weather and complete lack of cool places to go.

Man-Pretty must have really wanted you to see his balls. What a suggestive fellow.

And since I can't think of anything else to comment about, I'll end it.

Beth said...

I am from a teeny tiny town
barely a speck on the map
I am from a school where everyone knew
me, my birthday, and my grandma.
I am from watching Boondock Saints
and eating gummy worms.
I am from Stoney Pub, the Concrete Park
and Weekends at Solberg.
I am from 4wheeling through the mud
and snowmobiles whipping across the ice.
I am from losing myself in homework
to gain 3 blissful weeks on campus
I am from hearing *****'s guitar
and his beautiful voice.
I am from nights on the quad
dancing and mocking the starts.
*creative license- i took out the part about my parents-i think i've bitched about that enough!*