"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Monday, September 05, 2005


I don't know, I figured I'd throw out a random German word. Actually, it is probably my favorite word because it's two in one. Anyway....
I finished all my homework. I have to admit that the paper I wrote for Mollman is actually quite good, if I do say so myself.
Hmmm, has anyone ever thought of how others perceive us? I mean, people can really get an impression of someone before they even know them. All it takes is a few random facts for a general analysis to be made, but how acurate is it? I don't know, I'm on a random tangent.

Roughly 13 days until I can take my learner's permit test--then I can practice driving my Barney Mobile! That's kinda sad, I have a nickname for my car....

Does this look familiar to anyone? I was reading the paper and it was in there (along with a fantastic picture of me painting by the way). I went to the website and unfortunately, the picture of me was not there, but the mural was. I have to admit that it turned out a lot better than I anticipated it would. I wonder if this year's freshmen are going to paint a mural in their hall? Even if they do, ours will still be better 'cause I said so! Plus I designed and painted our scoreboard, so it has to be freaking great.

Did anyone hear that the school was vandalized on Saturday?

So much for out Subway being open by Labor Day weekend. Oh wait, it was supposed to be open on July 3rd....they still haven't even put up all the siding! Sad.


Anonymous said...

You are making good job!
Keep up the super articles!


le penseur said...

Spammer! Sounds like someone who knows very little english. I could just picture a small japanese person...funny images in mind.

I know a bit of German. Before I got really into French, I wanted to learn German, back when I was in 6th grade. Oh, and pay no mind to what Pierce says in French. I was always better at french than him ;)