"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Friday, September 30, 2005

One week until Homecoming!

No, you shouldn't marry your girlfriend. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
Did you just call my girlfriend a cow?!?!
No, I called her a whore.
Okay, just as long as you weren't making things up.

I swear I lose brain cells from listening to Man-pretty's jokes. Although, his joke was a lot better (and not racist) than Batman's Bitch's (formerly known as Spider Web) joke. Although that one was very creative. Hmmm...I wasn't going to share Batman's Bitch's joke because it's so racist, but I think you can all get to know him better through his joke.

Why do all black people have nightmares? Because we killed the only one who had a dream.

There was hall decorating tonight! Pink Piggy and I were supposed to be in charge and we totally took over that position.
I arrived at the school ten minutes before we were supposed to start and I was slightly scared. A few girls were already decorating (and when I say decorating I mean hanging random streamers). Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad they were there to help, but they really didn't want to follow the plans we had drawn out.
Pink Piggy and I made a hollow Raid can (Raid the Raiders....how clever...I still think we should have had a panty raid but of course no one listens to me!). It looks freaking awesome. I was the only one small enough to fit inside, so I was smushed all up in it while taping it together--how wonderful. Mr. Hommerding thought I had been hiding...odd man.
Thirty or so people had originally signed up for tonight's festivities, and I think 15 showed up.

I have to complain in this next paragraph, so be aware. Anyone who knows me well has probably seen my perfectionism shine through. I'm not that bad (anymore), but sometimes I just go nuts and other times I just don't care. Well, a couple of the girls who had started out decorating told me that they were only there for the free food. I asked them if they could make an ax crossed with a fly swatter--it didn't turn out all too well. Actually, most people couldn't even tell what it was because of all the masking tape that was all over it. Needless to say, they both disappeared along with the pizza. I was asked to take it down, but I ended up not doing so for the fact that both girls could easily kick my ass. I kept getting angry at the fact that people from the three other grades kept trapsing through our hall, but whenever we stepped foot in the Junior hall to get supplies from a room someone would scream "GET OUT OF MY HALL!" Hypocrits.
I think we're going to get third place in hall decorating. That, of course, is fine by me because I really just enjoy the whole Homecoming experience.
Oh, I heard our football team being crushed over the radio. It is rather odd to hear about people I know over the radio. For instance, I guess Batman's Bitch was playing pretty well during the game. They kept announcing that this one guy kept getting the ball--I found this weird considering the fact that the guy graduated LAST year. Oh well, maybe they had an error in their stats or something. No, I'm not crazy, others heard it as well.


Beth said...

hawhahaha homnecoming tonight!!! i wetn out with jeswee. we had fun. hahsah talk to me alter!!! looooooove you!

le penseur said...

I laughed at both jokes. The reference to MLK Jr. is sad indeed, though. Seems that when anybody with some brains and some vision in this world comes along, they get killed. Umm...Jesus (special case, though, since it was supposed to happen), a bunch of those old school Medieval people that the Church put to death by painful means, umm...who else...Gandhi, and probably some more. I am quite tired. Worked another 9.5 hour day. Egad. That's probably why the jokes are funny. Sad but funny.

Homecoming. Strange. Went to the games, never to the dances. WHS has homecoming next week, so I'll hit that up.

You misspelled "hypocrite," Ms. Perfect! *big grin*