"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Friday, September 02, 2005

I know how this year will end and there's no way to avoid it

This year shall end in heartbreak. Why? My life feels like it is not my own. Man-pretty isn't in school yet and I find myself noticing other guys. The only thing is that I have a history with one and a partial history with the other. The first is Grandpa Stick--I have no chance with him and I know this; infact, I have no problem accepting it. The second is He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless. I have a feeling that having him in my chemistry class will not be all too great.
Okay, so I know I have only told a few people He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless' true identity and there is quite good reason for that. He and I have a mutual dislike/friendship. Don't ask why, but we constantly make fun of each other, but in a loving, caring manner.
Idk, I'm so confused. He kept walking up to me today and elbowing me in the shoulder because he finds that hilarious. He actually hid behind me while Mr. Peterson was blowing things up today. I mean, seriously--he did not think this through! I AM 4 FOOT 11 INCHES TALL....HE'S SOMEWHERE AROUND 6 FOOT SOMETHING!!! Why do I have a thing for tall guys?

Anyway, I have to clear my mind now....I am so glad to have Shop Buddy back. Neither of us are in a shop class this year, but we do have Chemistry and Contemporary Literature together. Actually, I am glad to have all my buddies back. Oh, and I can proudly say that the posse has been destroyed! Thanks to Beaver the '09 section has been demolished--hahaha!!! I think I shall declare Beaver the coolest freshman!


zdf_jammin said...



alas, jake is still working on it. and i think the majority are just pissed with me. their all frickin wierdos.



Samantha said...

Nice Beaver.
So Lemons what have i missed in school any drama yet. Sounds like you have had fun so far

moni said...

sounds like you have lots of cool nicknames for peeps at school. we do too!! hope school is goin good for you!!

Ben said...

Whoa. Pardon my absence. Since Thursday, I've had 24 hours of work to do, and very little time for leisure/sleep, except at my grandparent's house in Powhatan Point, Ohio. It's sweet. My grandpa is the mayor. Whoo! Anyhow, sounds like you've been having a good time with school. Heartbreak bites the big one, but I'd say to just not worry too much about predicting the future. Are you quite sure that the fellow is interested in you? Probably just mindless, hormonal flirting. Happens to everybody. Oh, and that grandpa stick fellow seems too gangly for you, imo. Stick with the tall fellows ;-) Cool pictures, but they seem kinda weird. Probably just my grandpa's computer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in school girl have a Great year... Oranges