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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yay for shopping!

My mom knows how many shoes I have. Yet for some reason she bought me yet another pair. They're really cute, black heels! I made an agreement with myself that in order to get the new ones, I have to get rid of three pairs. Very sad.
I got my pictures from Homecoming developed today as well. So far my pile of pics. to post is somewhere around 17. I'll probably skim it down a bit and post them on Tuesday. I have to admit, some of them turned out quite well.
I also bought the new Franz Ferdinand CD You Could Have it so Much Better. It's a whicked cool CD that you all should buy 'cause I said so. I'm currently teasing Man-pretty with it. He too is a Franz Ferdinand freak. I could be nice and burn it for him.......

A part of one of the songs reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend last night. I won't mention who it is, but they will know who they are. I'll post the best part of the song:

"Fade Together" by Franz Ferdinand

Once you have loved someone this much
You doubt it could fade
Despite how much you'd like it to
God how you'd like it to
You'd like it to fade

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le penseur said...

the cd title is the story of my life