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Monday, October 17, 2005

If Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan is cast as me.....

I believe that only Beaver was priviliged enough to hear my ranting and raving this afternoon. Although, I'm not sure how much attentin he was paying because he had his hands full with BBQ sauce.
Anyway, I recognized my life as a movie--a very bad teen drama. I was sitting in band convincing J-J that Concert C was G and played open when I glanced over his shoulder at Man-pretty, who had been looking at me but turned away. Throughout the period, we had this stupid thing where we'd look at each other and turn away. We both (I hope he was anyway) aware what was going on, which is lame.
If a movie even remotely resembling this situation was ever made, I would be willing to bet either Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan would be cast. If you know me you know how I react to those glutons.......

I told my mom that if Jo doesn't let us have a lock-in at the library, then I will be forced to invite Beaver over for a movie night and what not. She just stared at me.

I was so proud of myself today. I finished my second binder for contemporary literature! Yay for procrastination! I wrote nine papers in the past three days. Uggghh.

I used to be quite close to Shop Buddy's little sister but not so much anymore. She's a year younger than I am, so when I came into high school we didn't talk very much any more. I met Shop Buddy in shop (gasps all around) when he was the only one who'd sit next to me. I found that I much rather prefer his company. I walked home with...hmmm...she really needs a name....we shall call her Flower. Okay, but Flower and I walked home and half the time she just complained about how Shop Buddy has no style. Hmmm...then I quickly reviewed the articles of clothing he is most known for. Let's see, he has his cloud pants, his pink pants with the blue patch, the jeans that have random objects he found sewn onto them, his DirectTV jacket (which he wore today), and his shoes that have random scribbles across them. Plus there is his hair which totally rocks--HOW DARE SHE SAY HE HAS NO STYLE!!!
Idk...I'm just bitter when people diss their siblings because I would do anything to have a sibling. Yeah, I have two step-brother guys, but they're five and seven years older than I am.
Like Man-pretty for example, he claims that when his sister is home from college his parents forget they have a son. He also claims that when she is not there, they do not know where he is. Well, I have to be fair, I did call his house once and his mom didn't know if he was at work or not....turned out he was in his room for a solid three hours playing video games............

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