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Monday, October 10, 2005

Beaver's spit on my forehead and HWSFRN's fascination with Penis

I have said it many times, and I probably will not stop voicing it. This school sucks. Today they had a sign out that said something about how due to expenses, the temperature in the building will have to be dropped. I know for a fact that for the past few years they have been dropping the temperature a degree or two to save some money, but they've never dropped it so much that they had to post it. The shit part of the deal is that students are not allowed to wear jackets to classes. There are some classes in PHS that are already beyond cold. Mr. Dural's class for example, I remember sitting in that class wearing sweatshirts and still shivering.

I'm losing my mind; I kid you not. You would not believe how many items I have lost, forgotten, or just been unaware of in the past few days.

Yeah, so I guess I should probably describe the post title--clarification is needed for those of you people (I've been told that quite a few people read this, but only a couple actually comment) who are not privileged enough to share a lunch with me.
Beaver decided he was going to get his spit all over my forehead. I think it had something to do with a gum wrapper and hitting me across the head.
The whole HWSFRN and Penis thing is quite funny. Let's start out by saying he has his imfamous calculator that has some games loaded into it. Well, I guess last year some time ZC renamed Tetris so it was called Penis. The part of the story that I witnessed is that HWSFRN just realized there was a game on his calculator called "Penis." Great times.
Yeah, HWSFRN shaved his head--or damn near close to it. I'm not sure if it's fitting or not.

I've decided that it was the right time to start calling Random Freshman by his rightful name (screw the name his parents gave him) in real life. There are actually a few people who actually answer to the names I have given to them! *evil giggle*
He, however, has made the request to be called "Dutch." I have to ponder this one a bit. Very rarely do I use a name that I, myself, did not come up with. I asked him if we could possibly make some sort of compromise with Random Dutch. His response was just to laugh and say he wasn't even Dutch.

I went to get my hair cut today (I'm sure HWSFRN will have something to say about it). I very mush dislike blow dryers and curling irons. To be honest with you, I hate them with a passion. Yet, for some reason when the chick who cuts my hair styles it while using both it always turns out really cute.
I also had my eybrows waxed, so they are now all red and puffy. Fun fun.

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le penseur said...

on the forums of AMN, I once had an entire thread dedicated to my penis. the talk of my member was famous to people halfway across the world, much better than HWSFRN! oo0. pwnage.