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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Which one of these is none like the others

My family is very odd. Yeah, everyone says that about their own families, but if there are any other families that come even remotely close to mine I'd be surprised. First off, they are all blonde (no offense to blondes, but they like to fit the stereotype quite well). Secondly, none of them (the ones of age) have not gone to college but rather work in factories.
I'm not trying to badmouth my family, but I do not fit in. I am the only brunette and am "the smart one." My 13-year old cousin has had more boyfriends than I ever intend to have--much like my other cousins. I am the only one who is currently not attached to a guy, so I caught hell for that one.
I walked through the door with my "I Love Dorks" shirt on and everyone was like, "Haha, that's so true!"
I seriously think that when I am with my family I get dumber. I accidentally stuck myself with a safety pin and it bled all over the place. My youngest cousin, who I slightly despise, had to grab my bleeding finger so she could look at it.
That's another thing, this 11-year old girl has to be the constant center of attention. You think I'm kidding? No one said anything to her in about a minute because my aunt was telling us how someone had died; well, Spoiled had to start screaming about how she didn't understand why no one bought her anything during the trip to the store.
She also made me watch the stupid Glade thing puff for like three minutes--do you have any idea how many times one of those things can puff in three minutes???
I feel bad admitting it, but I do have a favorite cousin. Although, she did kinda save me from drowning, so I guess she has right to be my Life Saver. The conversation throughout the house rarely left the topic of sex. I, being one of the only virgins in the room, kept out of it until Life Saver told me that if I make it to my 17th birthday she'll give me $20.
Hmmm....with her giving me $20 and Marenisco and my bet of $5 it seems that I could make a lot of money with this whole virgin thing. lol.

I'm so excited--I get to leave school early to get my temps that I was supposed to get a month ago!
I guess I will leave you all with some lyrics of...you guessed it, Franz Ferdinand. No, I am not obsessed, I bought the CD and am happy (plus I cannot find a couple of my Meat Loaf CDs which angers me to a great extent).

"You Could Have it so Much Better"

The last message you sent
Said I looked really down
That I oughtta come over
And talk about it
Well I wasn't down
I just wasn't smiling at you
As I look at us now it seems

That your slapping my back
as if it's all alright
but it's not

I'm trying to get up
But you're pushing me down
Yeah you're pushing me down
So I'll get on my own

Now there's some grinning goon
On my TV screen
Telling us all that
It's alright because
She wears this and
He said that and
If you get some of these
It'll all be alright
Yeah if you get some of these
It'll all be alright
Well I refuse
To be a cynical goon
Passing the masses
An easy answer
Because it won't be alright
Oh no it won't be alright
It won't be alright
Unless you get up
Come on and get up

Well I'm just a voice in your earpiece
Telling you no
It's not alright
You know you could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
If you tried


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