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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beaver the stud and Lemons the pimp

I am hereby THE PIMP. Okay, maybe not, but I had Beaver on one side and G-string on the other.
Beaver, on the other hand is a stud. Seriously, I mean there had to be close to ten girls surrounding him (about half of which are his girlfriends so I hear ;)... )
Uggghh. So if you haven't already heard, I got a 94% on my chemistry exam!!! Mr. Peterson was passing them back today and he was like, "Excellent Sophomore." I felt really bad because I only had 7 wrong, but the girl behind me had 37 wrong. On the bright side, I did better than He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless!

Okay, funny story in chemistry today:
Kookie is HWSFRN's best friend or whatever and they sit next to each other and stuff. Well, Kookie took HWSFRN's calculator and was playing with it; well, he found my e-mail address written on a post-it stuck on the inside. For some dumb reason, Kookie thought he was playing with Mr. P's calculator and asked what kind of "Kinky, illegal ****" was going on. He gave me the paper with my e-mail on it and put the calculator down. Sometime during the class HWSFRN picked it up and was all like "Where did it go? What happened to Lemons' e-mail I had in here? Kookie, did you take it?" Kookie found it hilarious that I had given HWSFRN my e-mail, but he found it more appropriate than my giving it to Mr. Peterson--although I guess it was more disturbing to him. HWSFRN asked for the paper back and said that he kept forgetting to bring it home so he could add me to his friends list. I guess he really wanted it or whatever...... Okay, it wasn't so funny telling it, but it really was.

Uggghh, okay, so I was sitting (actually defrosting from being outside during band in like 30 degree weather) at our table during lunch and I realized something. I don't even know why the thought popped into my head, but HWSFRN looked really cute today. As soon as I had that thought go through my head he came running up behind me and starting declaring how tiny I am. Duh. Obviously, I ran after him. Pig Tails (Peanuts' boyfriend) grabbed him so I could hit him or whatever. I laughed and walked away. Very amusing.

We had two hours of goof off during the Homecoming games. Yeah, the sophomores lost everything. I seriously mean EVERYTHING. We should have won the window decorating because the freshmen can't spell the word "make." (Beaver, didn't you paint the window....?) Yeah, Mrs. R claims that we lost hall decorating because there was a piece of paper that had "Kick their butts" underneath a bunch of balloons. The only part you could see was the "Ki" part.

I sat and watched Boys Volleyball with Beav-A-Lot, G-string, and a few other freshmen, but then Pink Piggy, Victim and I decided to head out. We went outside and watched a little bit of Powder-puff Football and saw HWSFRN and Kookie. Victim decided she was going to ask HWSFRN if he would go out with me....I ran away. I guess she started screaming his name to get his attention, saw my reaction, and then abandoned the idea. Thank goodness.

Tonight's the bon fire! I'm going to the soccer game before hand to cheer for Betty alone! Okay, so maybe I'll cheer for Beaver if he plays varsity tonight. It should be fun being around all the soccer guys because we all know what I think of them ;). Uggghh, does HWSFRN play varsity? I can't remember. Maybe he'll be gone by the time I get there....

Batman's Bitch gets to light the bon fire because K-Teach is at an away volleyball game.

Oh, and I was right, Man-pretty did wear his kilt to school today. Pink Piggy almost threw up when she saw his legs. His legs aren't that bad, but she thinks they are.

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