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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Haha, I guess I had a date to Homecoming....

I screamed so hard during the pep rally that I was starting to lose my voice. It was hilarious the way Dirty Dave (who is not small) kept running around the gym getting people to do the wave. Someone should have seriously taken the microphone away from K-Teach. Yeah, she's the queen, but she's so ditzy. I still can't believe she said that stuff about her butt and chocolate! I love how the football team had the microphone taken away from them because the whole "...Crow was riding our asses during practice!" thing.

Yesterday freaking rocked. The parade was cool and stuff...except for the whole part when I had to march by HWSFRN. He kept telling me that I am a whore. Then of course Man-pretty was involved in it as well. I guess he kinda stuck up for me, but in a weird way by saying I was a "horrible whore."
We had to wear our pimped out marching uniforms and I LOVED it! I seriously think I'm the only one who likes how they look. Of course mine fit me properly unlike most others. The pants were either too short or the crotch was down the person's knees. Mine, however was fine except for the fact that it made a good push-up bra!

After the parade I "randomly" asked who was all going to the dance. Of course I "coincidentally" asked infront of Random Freshman. Somehow I told him I would teach him how to dance. Yeah, that was my way of getting Pink Piggy to actually come to the dance. It worked!

We had to be at the game and dressed by 6:30. I walked through Philly in my uniform, and you would not believe how many people looked at me. The whole field show went really well. I mostly hung out with Beaver and Pink Piggy. I was starting to get really freaked out when I walked up to Man-pretty, HWSFRN, and ZC. Yeah, ZC decided to be an ass and tell HWSFRN that I wanted him in the pants, hardcore, all night long. That one was interesting. To top it all off our football team lost 36-0. How sad is that? That's okay, I still had fun anyhow.

The dance was amusing. After the field show everyone took off their uniforms--except me of course. When we got to the school I took off the pants, but I left the jacket, ruffles, and cumberbun on. I am hereby the second biggest band geek ever! I managed to get a date while I was in line a the door. G-string and I pretended to be a couple to save $2. I think I spent the first 15 minutes of the dance pushing Man-pretty around. I was literally pushing him across the floor because his shoes had NO traction what-so-ever.
People were literally grinding on each other on the dance floor. It was disguesting. Oh wait, then there was the part of the dance when Random Freshman and I were reprimanded by Huftel! What were we doing, you might ask? We were sitting in the corner (two feet apart from each other) talking about how the DJ wasn't playing either of our requests. Of course I see why people should be stopped from doing such things--just wait a while so the couples fondaling each other can finish up with that. Our principal is an idiot.
So far I think the whole Random Freshman/Pink Piggy thing is going quite well. I'd start a conversation with him, include her, leave, and view from across the room as they continued talking.
Pink Piggy kinda got pissed at Man-pretty. He sid that he hates Eminem, and anyone who knows her well knows she's an Eminem freak. Hard to believe, isn't it? Then she said that people shouldn't break up with a person and then be all up on them at a dance. Yeah, both she and Victim think Man-pretty was flirting with me, but he was just being himself.
Of course I took pictures of it all, so I should probably be able to post those next week sometime.

Today kinda sucked. My mom's boyfriend dragged us on a "tour" through Loserville. All I thought about the entire time was how much I miss Dora. I remember always talking to her about how losery Loserville is.

Wow, look back and see how long it took me to describe a small fraction of yesterday. Now look at the small portion on today. lol, that's wonderful.

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