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Monday, October 24, 2005

Haha, what a great day

I had some really weird dreams last night. Of course they were all weird in a good way (except part of one that set me off in hysterics during chem today). There were like, three guys in my dream and they're call cute, so it rocked. lol
I won't go into detail about it a whole lot, but the three guys were Cake (yeah, I feel bad considering Cake is Man-pretty's best friend), Mr. Peterson (kinky midget having dreams about her chemistry teacher), and Face Paint (that one was priceless).
Needless to repeat myself, the day started off good.

The Fool found out that one of the babies his wife is carrying just so happens to be a girl--hmm, seems like my hypothesis of twin girls is lookin' pretty good...he's pissed because he wanted boys. I drew him a picture (during one of his boring lectures) of his estrogen filled house.
I need to like stop worrying about all my tests and stuff. The chemistry exam we took on Friday absolutely terrified me, but Mr. Peterson passed them back and I had a 94%...again.
Yeah, Shop Buddy asked what my score was and then didn't talk to me for an hour. Teeth Kick melted the bottom out of a test tube today. Glue, Moshpit, and I were all sharing a table with him and Hallway when all of a sudden the tube expanded and dropped CuCo3 into the Bunsen burner which caused some whicked awesome green flames. Great times.

My dad took me to get my temps today--enough said right there!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I saw Water Bottle the other day. I had forgotten how cocky he is. I wonder if he is taking any sort of English classes. I'll clarify that lame joke for those of you who don't get it.
Water Bottle was a senior last year who sat next to me during FRESHMEN English. It was really sad because he almost failed it a second time because of the whole water bottle incident. Gosh, I loved it when Mollman always yelled at him for flirting with the freshmen girls.

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le penseur said...

Dreams...awesome. And yes, the seniors can hardly resist the freshman, it's true.