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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What's with all the ****ing penguins?!?!

Marenisco is in town, so she and I went to the movies. I was afraid we were going to get kicked out. The only thing playing was March of the Penguins which meant A LOT of little kids.
We didn't really watch the movie; we just talked a whole lot.
She talked a lot about guys, and I just nodded along with her. I told her that I plan on staying a virgin until I get married--she doesn't believe me. She bet me $5 that I'll get it on with some dude before then. We both had a big laugh over that one.

I get to go to my cousins' house tomorrow and carve pumpkins. This should be fun.
Today, however, wasn't that great. I had to clean my room and it took forever. I somehow got rid of 8 pairs of shoes without crying. *Sigh* I love my shoes too much.

I'm so excited--Franz Ferdinand is the musical guest on SNL tonight! Gosh, I'm such a Franz Freak. I was staring at my poster I have over my bed of all the guys standing all weird like. This year, if I make it to state, I will have to stop at that specialty poster store and get another one.
Haha...I'm just rambling on. I should really learn how to stop that.

"Having sex at ninety is like playing pool with a rope" Gosh, Face Paint, where do you hear these things? lol, they're great! Almost reminds me of "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity."

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