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Monday, November 07, 2005

Mozart--my home diggity

The solo I'm playing for solo and ensemble is by Mozart, so I had to have that as my title. I let J-J pick out our duet, and I'm starting to get scared due to my decision.

I started out the day sitin' in the hall 'cause The Fool decided not to show up to school today. I would like to announce that Beaver was late for homeroom! I saw him walk down the hall AFTER THE BELL RANG!!!
However, we were given food, so it was all okay. I went to my new first block class, chemistry, and Mr. Peterson told me to leave. I was SUPPOSED to stay there for 20 minutes before the tests started, so I just pimped out in Reilly's first block class.
Yeah, we were given our seats for the tests (I'm next to Peanuts--come on they're forcing us to talk!) and I was overwhelmed by the smell of kitty litter. I turned around and saw Whelk Boy and one of his friends. Yeah....
Action showed up to testing over an hour and a half late. Interesting boy.
In second block biology all I heard for like 20 minutes was "Can I have gum?" "Only if you show me your boob. One boob for one stick of gum." I guess that's what I get for sitting between Locker Buddy and Ronniekins.
Band was highly amusing. Like I already said, we picked out our music. Man-pretty is singing two solos this year. He and I were standing around talking. I went and sat down and Beaver was quick to comfort. He thought I was all sad and stuff. It was so sweet! I was sad, but only because I didn't have any chapstick.
Fourth block was interesting. It is a class of all sophomores except one senior and one senior assistant. I don't really know the one senior guy, but the assistant is none other than Boxer Boy! Haha, I'm so glad he sits infront of me. We had some wonderful times playing hide-and-seek and interviewing in American Studies last year. Oh, plus the fact that he's slightly hot.....He is pretty much the only guy I know who can have hair past his ears and still look good. Like I said, he sits infront of me so I have a wonderful view of his boxers. lol. Unfortunately, Victim and Peanuts are not in the class to enjoy them! I seriously want to know how someone's undies can be that high up their back and NOT be uncomfortable. I mean, the elastic was probably up to his nipples! No joke! Yeah, we get to swim in that class, so I get to see him in his swimming suit...which is pretty much a lot like his boxers. Yay! lol, jk.
After school kinda sucked. I had to miss the past two days of chemistry (and tomorrow as well), so I have not had my fill of cute chemistry teacher. I came in after school to abandon practice and take my test I missed. Mr. Peterson and I talked a little bit and then he left. HE LEFT THE BUILDING. A teacher actually trusted me enough not to cheat on the final exam. I felt special. Yeah, after my hour and a half final I went to practice for half an hour where I pretty much sucked it up!

Shop Buddy and I had a conversation about love/hate relationships last week. Since then, I haven't been able to shake the thought. He is very insightful and so full of wisdomosity it is scary sometimes.
I mean, sometimes it feels like I truly hate HWSFRN. Then there was that one time he put his arm around me. Yeah, I have never really told anyone about that, but here it is. Idk why, but it just felt really comforting to have his arm wrapped around me. Then of course he gave me a hug and didn't let go of me for like an entire minute. Times like that it's like, whoa--how could I possibly hate this guy? Then of course he calls me a freak, and I go back to wanting to rip out his contacts from his pretty blue eyes just to watch him squirm around blindly.


Jrosed said...

I'll be honest, i didnt read the post, but at least im commenting, right?

be happy i commented...u think...B**** is ugly *gr.*

Lemons said...

Whoa there. I, personally, don't find him quite that attractive.
You're blonde and he's blonde--Hmm.............have fun with that one. Only he's kinda the stereotypical blonde....

le penseur said...

I just burped. had some pepsi.