"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Man-pretty said that he and I are THE COOLEST people ever--Yay!

Man-pretty turns 18 *gasp* in less then a month.

I think that pretty much every notebook I have in my locker now says something about "Beaver's Beef." Not even joking.

We have so much snow already. I'm so excited! I'm just really quite scared to drive in it. It is so nice to look out the windows and see the trees coated in white.

We had to swim another 500 today. It took me 13:30. Very sad. Actually, I think I may have gone an extra lap too many...so yeah. I hereby win.

My hormones are just far too active lately. I'm not even kidding. I was talking to my previously sworn enemy today and I was actually flirting with him. I may now have an itsy bitsy crush on him. He and I have been talking a lot more lately since we have 3B and 4th block together. He's actually younger than I am....it's weird....

Dance could have been better. My splits to the right need a little bit of perfecting, but I'm almost there. Yeah, Coach Patty put me in the VERY back again; that is the third formation that I am behind everybody else. It kinda makes me mad because she wanted Ultimatum up front because she's been kinda in back "most" of the time. I, however, have been in back the entire time. It's cool though, 'cause I like dance more now. I'm better...I think I just needed to ease myself into the season rather than just being good straight off from summer.


le penseur said...

you horny lepregnome, you.

Lemons said...

I'm not that horny! Even if I was, what's so wrong about it? lol

zdf_jammin said...

definitly horny. i mean geez, writing all those things about BEAVERS BEEF.

man, 13:30? i could kick your ass anyday, and serve some of the beaver beef on a platter along with the servage.



kk im done

Lemons said...

I generally don't talk about BEAVER'S BEEF unless it is scrawled across my belongings!
Shut up about the 13:30. I'm like chubby and you're all muscle and *secret handshake thing*!