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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Victims house, County Fair, First Job, Evil Nicknameless People, Old Feelings, Crazy Michigans, Everything Louder Than Everything Else, Beaver...

First things first: THIS IS MY 101st POST!!! Yay!!!

Victim's house:
I went to Victim's house on Wednesday. We talked to bunches of people online. I apologize if she or myself have offended any of you by the way....
She and I were together Wednesday morning to...about an hour ago.

County Fair:
The Ironwood, MI fair rolled on into our county on Wednesday. I went there Thursday, Friday, and today. It was fun. I kinda got sick (not like vomiting) from some of the rides. Although, after I started to feel better I noticed a sign on the ride I had mostly ridden that said "Do not ride if you have heart or neck problems..." Since I have both I'm guessing that's not cool....Neither are very serious, but still.

Stalker Ex-boyfiend:
I swear Whelk Boy was following me at the fair. I saw him three times in less than two minutes. I said hi to him, but he looked away and mumbled something. One of my friends actually caught him staring at me.

All I've ever heard Cake talk about has been sex--well, that was when his face wasn't attached to his girlfriend's. He is Man-pretty's best friend, so I assume he knows all about stuff. I was sitting alone and he spotted me I guess. He detached himself from his girlfriend and walked up to me and smiled. Then he started talking about how I looked lonely. He then offered me a free keychain they were giving away in a booth nearby. He is a pretty nice guy.

First Job:
So I also worked at the front gate at the fair. It was freaking sweet. Pink Piggy trained me, which was good because I'm not sure anyone else would've put up with me. It freakin' rocked! Although, it was $5.25 an hour...not even minimum wage. I was having fun until Organization's brother started being evil....

Evil Nicknameless People:
He was so mean. He doesn't even deserve a nickname. So for the first time in the history of this blog I will reveal someone's real name. Jake Hirdler is a freaking douche bag! I've never really talked to him before, but he is! He's like, a grade above me and really cute--but he knows it! Luckily, he left 15 minutes before he was supposed to. At least I had a good thing going for me at work. Which leads me too...

Old Feelings:
Grandpa Stick was also working last night. He's not moving away. Jake called me nasty, and Grandpa Stick didn't disagree...he just kept drinking his water when I asked his opinion. Then he felt really bad for making me sad. We had a rush and I ran out of wrist bands, so I just grabbed some out of his holder...which was around his waist--I honestly didn't realize what I was doing! Grrr...I predict it will be exactly like before. He and I will get close (again), I'll have a crush on him (again), he'll lead me on (again), I'll ask him out (again), he'll laugh at me (again). Hmm...sounds exciting. At least I know my plans for the next year!

Crazy Michigans:
Marenesco is crazy: she wants Fat Kid's junk and to schlub him. Don't ask.

Everything Louder Than Everything Else:
Nothing to do with anything, it's just the song I'm listening to right now. It freaking rocks!

I ran into Beaver today! He has become a very bitter individual and I love him more. I always thought he and I were close, but now he actually is sharing his views and opinions openly and I'm finding I agree with him.

Carnies and Phone Numbers:
So Victim has the hots for one of the carnies working rides at the fair. She doesn't believe he likes her too, but he does. He had one hour of a break, and he spent it following her around....
Not to mention the fact I slipped him her phone number and he did a little dance and showed it to one of his carnie buddies....

I knew there was a reason I post every day....otherwise I'd explode with all the information!


le penseur said...

C'est la vie, mon ami. Awesome.

zdf_jammin said...

well then,

still, i havent a nickname for you.

i will go cry now


Samantha said...

Nice of u to apologize to wuts his name for me. I also appreciate the fact that u think spider-man (carnie) likes me so much it makes me happy. Oh ya and u do kno way to much for not liking half the people u kno everything about. I miss carnie LOL