"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Calling all dorks, nerds, and losers...

Ahhh!!! I'm excited!!! The PPL (Philly Public Library) had a book sale today. I managed to control myself and only bought two new books. I've been marking down the days on my calendar 'cause I love the book sales. Qute sad, yes I know...
I had a crazy bad headache yesterday. Like, all day my head was throbbing. I told my mom about it and marked it on the calendar. I take this medication for headaches 'cause I get a ton of them. It's really not seeming to work anymore. My mom wants me taken off of it. She also wants me to get tests to see if I have a tumor...
In my opinion, I don't think I have a brain tumor. My doc. has run tests before and they all came back negative. I just really wish I was healthier and didn't get migranes and stuff all the time.
I'm fine now though! I am, once again, happy as can be! I'm actually going to remember to bring some CDs from my moms to my dad's so I can import them onto my iPod. I've managed to forget to do it for....oh, about a month now.
It sucks having my parents divorced--it splits up my music collection. Whenever I want to listen to a particular CD it's always in my other room.
I cleaned out my car (again) yesterday. Is it sad that I love my car so dearly, but I've never been able to drive it yet? I have Drivers' Education first block September 1st!!! Poor Mr. Zeman has me in TWO of his classes this year...he can barely stand me for 10 minutes of homeroom every day.
Hmmm...I think I may have to dance around my room like a complete bafoon.


le penseur said...

I've been accused of being a dork before, but for the most part, in a playful way. But hey, never back off from what you like. If you like to read, don't offer apologies for it. Nah, it's not sad. As a fellow I work with says, 'to each his own.' Well, I think everybody says that.

Dancing. That's great stuff. I think I'll have to scan some of my prom pictures and throw 'em for you all to see. Makes me recall a lovely song by Tonic, "Waltz With Me," with the refrain, 'waltz with me, my love.'

Driver's Ed in school? That's an odd concept, at least where I live. I had to pay around $300, or something like that. I knew the instructor, and we go way back. "Fat Rob" as they called him. :)

Lemons said...

No driver's ed in school? Our school is pondering getting rid of it for budget cuts. I have to (well, my parents) pay $250 to take the class. There are quite a few out-of-school driving schools (if that makes any sense) though.

Gosh, hardly any of my prom pictures turned out. I was very angry. However, it was only my freshman prom, there will be others!