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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Am I punk?

Yeah, I already posted today, but I'm bored--sue me. Whoa, I just noticed my arm is bleeding...anyway.
I was looking through my new clothes and I had a weird image run through my brain: am I punk? The clothes I have look like something Avril Lavigne would wear--I even have a tie. Yes, I said it--I now wear a tie on a daily basis (for almost a week now). No, Beaver, you cannot have it, so please stop trying to rip it off my neck.
Then of course there's my obsession with Converse. Victim was telling me that only a few people can pull off the "Converse look" and I am one of them. I guess the image of Converse is generally one of a person who looks cool without even trying. I'm sure I look ever-so-trendy in my Converse and sweatervest (which is very comfortable by the way). My new pair of white Converse took on a makeover last night. I took a bunch of perminant markers and drew stop lights, fish, fire hydrants, crazy people, arguing stick figures, the school mascot, and junk all over them. Needless to say, they look flippin' sweet.
Wanna read something stupid? Read this:

They say opposites attract--and I hope it's true
The only thing I want could just be you

You're the split to my banana
You're my peanut butter and jelly
You're the cream in my coffee
With all this food--I'm hungry!

I delcare my love on a million post-its
All we are is a couple of misfits
We gotta run and run away you know
How 'bout we escape to Reno?

The difference between us is slight
You quote Napoleon Bonaparte
I quote Napoleon Dynamite

You're the seeds in my orange
You're the cheese on my pizza
You're the potatoes to my gravy
You're my one and only baby!

Oh please please tell me
Oh please won't you say...

I'm the hole in your donut
I'm the frosting for your cake
I'm the pit in your peach
Please let me be in your reach!

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Samantha said...

That reminds me so much of how i feel about someone lol im gonna steal it and read it to him lol k