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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Leaving for the week...maybe

I recently found out that I'm not only going to visit my aunt for the weekend, but I may not return until Wednesday. Alas, I will not have access to a computer to post my nonsensical ramblings.
Last night I was scared out of my mind. My cat was attacked by something. I heard it fighting with something outside. My dad figured a fisher carried away the cat. Luckily, we found the cat, unharmed, this morning. Although, it does not like it's tail messed with and walks with a slight limp. I was very happy to see my little kitty was okay!
My mom called today and said that I have to miss the first day of school (blah). She scheduled
an appointment for me to see a neurologist (again). Even though it will only be the first day of school, I know I am bound to miss something important. I mean, since our school has the block system, the hour and a half classes might produce some sort of know-worthy knowledge.
Oh, and thanks to an anonymous senior, I am now scared of chemistry. Their logic is that because I'm two years younger than they are that I will have difficulties in the class because they did...not to mention that I'm taking it a year early. Ahhhhh!!!
I can't wait to hear my dad's grumblings about the current gas price: $2.75 a gallon.....that is seriously B.S. I mean, I'm nearing my 16th birthday--which signifies LICENSE!!! Of course, I probably will not drive too often because I will not be able to pay for the gas to fule my Barney Mobile. Hehe, I just love that my car is purple.
I have a very strong feeling that I spelled half the words above incorrectly. Don't ask me why, but I feel like I cannot spell today.

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le penseur said...

spelling. who needs it? I woke up an hour ago...or 2, I don't know, and my spelling bites when I'm tired. have a good time, and bring back some stories.