"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Monday, August 15, 2005

I've been demoted to Lieutenant--and now a private!

Man-pretty demoted me from a Commander to a private. Don't ask me how or why--he just did.
Gosh, I'm in the best mood I've been in EVER! Seriously, I'm not really sure why, I'm just uber happy.
Eww...I just had some crazy bad chocolate! *shudder* Who would do such a thing to precious chocolate?
My hair looks really cute. Don't ask me why or how, but it looks uber cute.
Wow, maybe Grandpa Stick is right...maybe I do have ADD--look, a chicken!!!
Oh come on, who wouldn't look at a chicken?
Can't you just tell I'm in a good mood? I came up with more of my ever-so-wonderful story today. I wrote some of it down in my journal. Then I reread what I had written. I have come to the conclusion that I read way too much Stephen King.

Thanks for the suggestion of the R.E.M. I'm shopping again this weekend, so I'll look for a CD. I've actually had someone recomend them before, but I wanted to spite the person and never listened to what they said...his name is Madison (formerally He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless). However, since someone cool has said that R.E.M. rock, I will give them a listen!

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le penseur said...

It's kind of funny, since I went to the R.E.M. concert, I was one of the younger fans there, but I knew all but 2 songs they sung. One was a track they hadn't released yet, and the other was on the one album, out of about 13, that I didn't have. So, I changed that and bought it. Oh, but you can't go wrong with R.E.M., I don't think.