"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm not with Stupid

School shopping totally rocked. I was listening to some random CDs on the way to Wausau and I realized something: Man-pretty sucks. Yeah, you're all like, "Duh, how long did it take her to figure that out?!?!" Well, in my defense, I would like to say that I was biased--I know him too well.
I quit. I'm done caring for him "like that." I even bought a shirt to confirm it. On the front it says "I'm not with Stupid" (much like the post title) and on the back it says "we broke up." It rocks my dirty socks.
Hmmm, what else did I buy? A bought a $30 journal because I needed a new one. Think I'm nuts? Well I'm not...it had a sticker that said 85% off...which was fine by me. I had to buy two more Meat Loaf CDs 'cause he rocks. I'm finding that I prefer the older(ish) music. Then I went on a total whim and bought the CD that is said to have changed the outlook of the 90s. Well, according to Vh1 anyhow...they also said it's responsible for the current hype in music. Now you're wonderin' what CD could've caused all that? Nirvana's Nevermind. I'm glad I bought it, it's really good. It makes me want to completely trash my room....
This guy I'm talking to on my Yahoo! IM is totally trying to pick me up. I find it kinda hilarious because he's never seen me. This is actually the first time I've spoken to him. I guess it feels good to be hit on--slightly amusing though. Whenever I tell a guy I'm a dancer they all have the same reaction: "hmmmm...you must look good." I kinda try not to tell guys that I dance anymore. Well, I guess I'm exagerating, only a few guys have reacted like that. This guy is kinda goin' in excess though. He's actually said almost every pick-up line I've ever heard--except for my favorte. No one knows that one of course...except Man-pretty and He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless...I think He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless needs a new name 'cause that's really long....I should call him Madison since that "unforgetable" night happened (way back in April) in Wisconsin's capital.......anyway....we're no longer on that subject!
What was I saying....oh yeah, my favorite pick-up line: You must eat a lot of Lucky Charms 'cause you sure look magicly delicous to me. Don't ask me why I like it, but if a guy actually used it to get my attention I would laugh at him and listen to whatever else he had to say.
Anyway, I should actually write some of my blithering babble down in my diary. Unfortunately, I type faster then I write. Unless of course I write in speedwriting, then....well I still type faster.
Can you guys tell I'm in an uber good mood right now? I am. I think I need to run around my room dancing. Oh, for all of you girls on the dance team who read this stuff (which is like two of you since Dora's moving away [traitor]) you'd be amused to know I'm trying to make up a routine by myself...oh the joy!
I need something else to do with the 17 days I have left of summer. I'M OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS!!!
This year I plan on embracing the dork within. I bought yet ANOTHER sweater vest. I'm also addicted to Late Night With Conan O'Brien; I find myself counting down the hours until it is next on (2 hours and 38 minutes for all interested).
Yeah, I think I've said enough and left everyone reading this, which is probably just the one person (you know who you are).


le penseur said...

Wait. Only one person reads this? Where is he/she? They should get a medal, since they are reading the intriguing thoughts of a soon-to-be-sophmore in the American school system! Nirvana does rock, but if you want to listen to the true godfathers of American alternative rock, I'd recommend R.E.M. Their early 80's stuff is amazing, and doesn't sound like other stuff from the 80's. And of course, their cd, Automatic For The People just owns completely.

I find that a simple Marble composition notebook with graph square is a great journal. Perhaps I already told you that...

17 days left? Soon to be 16...I'd say start writing a novel. Or learn how to waltz. Waltzing is really fun.

Pick up lines...hah. I've never really used them, except in french, so I don't quite know how that works. They would just seem terribly cliche to me, and would dampen my style (if it even exists).

moni said...

hey there lemons, me and my friends invaded Checker aka Ben's blog and you seemed to comment on there a lot so I thought I'd say hi. oh yeah that magically delicious pick up line sounds frickin hilarious, cuz me and my friends say when a guy is really hott he is magically delicious. anyway come comment on our blog bammin.blogspot.com my name isn't a link cuz I'm a tard and don't know how to fix it.

moni said...

hi again I so just saw that you said you were a band geek, my friend anne and I love bein band geeks too!! that is awesome!!

Anne said...

Hi, I'm Anne! I'm the band geek of which Moni spoke. First of all I loooooooove (pronounced luv not loov) bein a band geek, second of all the CD Nevermind rox, and third of all you know the best pick-up line ever even tho Beebs would claim that she invented the term magically delicious. Anyway you=cool to me!