"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I applied at Subway. I hope that even if I don't get a job, they'll at least call me to tell me I didn't get one. I'm sorry, but if someone puts in an application, you should at least call them back and say "Sorry, the position has already been filled" rather than just letting them hang *cough Dollar Store cough*.

My ear is getting better, but it still hurts like a mother. I actually woke myself up last night because I was moaning from all the throbbing pain. Every night it wakes me up--I'm getting sick of it!

I've been watching TV all day and it has been great. First I was watching Harry Potter and then Lord of the Rings.....great movies on today.
Made me happy to see all the hot guys.

I need a change. I'm not sure what though. I really want to change my hair color, but my dad won't let me. IDK, I think I'm just caught up in the whole "teen thing" and I want people to notice me...guys in particular.

It would just be nice to get some sort of attention from a guy...alas, I do not see that happening.
There was a nice guy that I've been kind of noticing lately. However, every time I go to talk to him he turns to this girl and just talks to her.
Screw him!
I'm pretty much just holdin' out for HWSFRN, but we all know that's not going to happen--EVER. Okay, maybe I'm not--he's pretty much stupid.
It's weird. Sometimes I really like him, but other times I loathe him. I just want to rip off his head. He just pretty much sucks in his whole suckfull self.


CelesteAngel said...

Forget him. I don't know you that well, but you deserve so much better. Remember, girls do mature faster, as seen in the case between ben and myself...lol just teasing. Don't fill the position with just anyone-make them a good choice.

le penseur said...

hey hey now. lol. I think I need to de-mature or something. Everyone calls me old, except for Rayna, for some reason. Ah. Anyway, back to my little Lemons. See, attention is a tricky thing. You want to get it from the right people, and not just some random sleaze. You don't need HWSFRN, as my more mature counterpart pointed out. Perhaps you should get back in touch with MM.

Oh, but yeah. I'm a caffeine addict. Oh, and something funny! Hah. I was at the deli, and something happened, and I said, "blame it on the lepregnome," and Peter told Jen, "Ben is calling Onyx names!" :P (Onyx is Jen's son). Greatness.

zdf_jammin said...

Lemons, im going to start calling you martini, because i was going to type your real name, but i typed that instead. OK MARTINI?

im also going to put you through boot camp, maybe sometime next week. we'll definitly stop these almost-"desperate" feelings for guys, and all shall be good. The only thing im going to say is not get your hopes up and hope this is going to turn into one of those stupid things like on american pie 2. where the chick teaches the guy how to be "cool" or w/e, and they get it on eventually. the beaver has no attractions for martinis,likewise, that would just be wierd!

le penseur said...

Rayna told me that we should go to a gay bar, because gays are more accepting.

um. yeah. But about the jobs. YOU have to take the initiative and call them back first. Wait a couple of days, and then call them back and ask about "the status of my application." It's a classic.

CelesteAngel said...

hmmm...methinks there'something going on with Ben and Rayna....

le penseur said...

no, there isn't. there isn't anything going on with me and anybody else. not that I know of anyway ^*^ (The Pro told me what that meant, but I forgot, but it still looks cool).

The Pro told me that she loved me again, if that means anything.