"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Game Time

The other day during homeroom we were playing a very interesting game.
In quite a few sappy movies a girl will close her eyes and ask a guy what color they are; we were pretty much doing that.
The catch--My eyes were open.

No one could tell me exactly what color my eyes are. I still don't know. My dad says they're green, my mom says they're blue, and I say they're more of a gray.
Peanuts, Red, Smilie, and Locker Buddy couldn't reach a decision among the four of them.
Betty had to step in and make his decision of "Kinda blue...no wait, from this angle they're greenish....well they're sorta gray."

That helped a lot.

My grandma bought me a boyfriend for Christmas. It's one of those plastic toys you stick in water and they grow. Across the package it reads "Grow your own dork!" I could not stop giggling.


le penseur said...

alas. the reason why my messenger won't connect is due to Norton Internet Security. my buddy, the computer whiz, said the only way to get it off the computer would be to back up our files and then wipe the hard drive. but he can't do that until he buys his external drive, in a couple of weeks. meh. so, a few more weeks of non-live conversation. you'll make it, Lemons. I know ya will!

I like green eyes. if you had green eyes, I'd probably marry you or something.

le penseur said...

or just say "hey, nice green eyes." lol

Beth said...

WHoa....marriage....I now pronounce you blogman and blogwife. Or something of the sort. I wish I could grow my own boyfriend...someone should get me one for....uh...New Year's.