"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I walked into a tree

Yesterday I woke up early, took a shower, blow dried my hair, curled it (I hardly EVER touch a blow drier or a curling iron...I was feelin' spunky), and went to the bus stop. From there, I walked into a tree and got my pefectly curled hair stuck in the pine branches. Pretty much sucked.
Yeah, yesterday was also Man-pretty's 18th birthday. Holy crap, he's 18! We sang "Happy Birthday" to him during band (made it clear why we're all in band rather than choir)...he even managed to get himself a lovely cymbol crash.
I'm not really sure why, but Cake seems to believe that I'm the person who put a condom on the Christmas tree. He came up to me and announced he knew it was me. Do I just give off the vibe of someone who would do that? Gosh.

I climbed into bed at 7:44 pm last night. That is quite sad.

I freaked out Giant Floating Hippo. We were sitting in the hot tub after lifeguard training and I lifted my foot up to look at a scar and he's like, "You shouldn't be able to bring your foot that close to your face--that's unnatural!" It was great because then all the girls started showing off how flexible we were compared to the guys. I put my leg behind my head and managed to drop a few jaws. lol.

I'm going to make everybody feel really guilty right now. Has anyone seen my arms--well, the blood blisters on my arms from the massive boxes of fruit? Well, during band, we had to unload this semi that delivered the fundraiser fruit. Well, for ten minutes about 20 people actually went out into the cold (without jackets) and carried the heavy boxes. The other 73 people in the band stood in the band room and talked until the bell rang. Somewhere around 15 people, myself included, stayed into our lunch period to keep unloading stuff. Well, I'm probably the first to admit that I pretty much dress kinda like a whore. My clothes are generally on the small side and barely cover what needs to be covered (okay, maybe I'm not that bad, but yeah). Well, my arms were red beyond all reason from standing outside for 15 minutes carrying boxes of fruit. Betty kept telling me to go inside because he was worried about me getting too cold. I, however, didn't want to be a lame person who left when things needed to be carried. Betty, being the gentleman he is, pushed me inside and took over for me so I could go and enjoy the ten minutes of lunch I had left.
I love Betty. He told me that this season he's going to go to all the girls' soccer home games to watch me play.


le penseur said...

Betty, being the gentleman he is...

only on this blog could that be normal! :P

I think I am starting to dress rather dandy. I have good fashion taste. Maybe inadvertantly liberal as well, with the plaid shorts and liberal buttons on my jacket. Oh, damn. I went to see 'Narnia' tonight. That's a fine movie. But I think I'm getting sick...probably a stupid child disease harbinger in there! ARGH. Ahem.

I need to get married. I should completely skip the courting rituals, and skip dating and kissing and intimacy, and just ask somebody to marry me. Yes.
but no.

Lemons said...

That is a very practical plan. I have heard stories on TV about people who do that stuff. The only difference is that they started out by having a drunken one night stand and woke up married....

I love it when people debate with themselves. It comforts me in the thought that I'm not alone!

Beth said...

I love Betty too. I really do. I miss that kid

CelesteAngel said...

wow....the last time i heard a guy say that was....umm, lemme check....yeah, pretty much never. You must be one special dude, ben-but make sure she's pure gold.