"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I think I'm sick

I just hurt all over. Not very cool. I just feel like poo.

My mom and I went shopping yesterday, and I think we both have food poisoning. We ate some questionable chicken, and we both feel like crap. Sadly, we really didn't notice the chicken was pinkish until after we were mostly done eating (shopping requires attention!).

Luckily, I did get the vast majority of my Christmas shopping done. I have to admit, that the hardest person to shop for was by far Beaver. I did find something I hope he'll like. I giggled when I read the tag and it said "For ages 3 and up." Idk why exactly, but it was funny.

Yeah, I found a magazine article on "sexy tips on how to kiss." I couldn't stop laughing. Some of the tips in there seemed disturbing rather then kinky. Well, all except for the one about bubble gum bubbles in the other person's mouth. I may have to try that one...any willing volunteers? lol

Our first dance performance is this coming Friday *gasp*. We're pretty much going to suck it up. Coach Patty had us remove the last 13 eight counts (a lot) from our dance. We have to relearn the new ending and perfect it by Friday. We're already going to be at least one person short (that I know of). Practice is going to be rough this week--I'm actually kinda scared for it.


le penseur said...

so while I was having lunch with Rayna (pictured on my blog), we were talking about how we'd never look at food the same, since we know some of the ins and outs of food because of our A&P class. I brought out to her that our lips are merely an extension of our digestive system, and she mentioned that when we kiss, digestive enzymes are exchanged.

...but that wasn't in the magazine :P

Lemons said...

It was CosmoGirl--of course it wasn't in the magazine! Nothing educational is in that Magazine.