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Friday, March 03, 2006

Yeah, I posted already today...what are you going to do?

Okay, so for some reason the little font and font changey color thinger is MIA from my blogger toolbar or whatnot.

I was in a blah mood today. I wanted to stab Ding with my pen during HoE (History of Economics...keep up people). I would like to state that I did NOT give him the name "Ding." I don't know him well enough to name him, but he refers to himself as such, so we're going with it. I once made the mistake of asking why he's called Ding. His response: "Because I'll 'ding' damn near anything!" He's annoying. He constantly wants people to do everything for him, but when it comes down to simple stuff he gets angered by the thought of having to do it himself. I can't wait to escape that class just to get away from him.

Anyway, I went into the band room and found a CD that Man-pretty left for me. He must be in a giving mood or something because this is the second CD he's burned for me in like a month. It's sweet though--he has wonderful taste in music.

We had a chaos day in which I didn't have any ensemble practices to attend, so I just skipped practicing my solo and played "Light Cavalry" with My Favorite Blonde and Skizzle. They shortly later abandoned me, so I did have to resort to the solo practicing.
Beaver came out from hiding, so we scouted out a place to play Egyptian Rat Kill. We chose to take over Random Freshman's chair and sax case. Beavs took the chair and the case was our table. Whenever I lost my cards (pretty much every time 'cause I suck) I would kick RF's case and blame him for my loss. Beaver joined in...and let me say that I am kinda surprised we did not dent the case.
Random Freshman came in and picked up his case, dumping our cards to the floor. Pfff.

I'm going to Skizzle's party tomorrow. It should be cool. She also invited Random Freshman...but she kinda had to 'cause he's her cousin and all, but he probably won't go.
Should be interesting considering the fact that I don't know who else is all going. Good times.

Oh, we had our soccer meeting today. I'm uber excited. Yay for soccer!


Beth said...

I also had plans for this weekend...unfortunately, even though my mom doesn't agree with the punishment the school is giving me, she needs to give me more. I fail to see the logic, all I know is that it means I can't go anywhere and I had to move the DVD player into my room so I could be effectively anti-social.

Lestat said...

I find it funny how you still call me Man Pretty, and that I amuse you so. I'm not sure as to the how or the why of these things, but it does not matter.

le penseur said...

make sure you are in compose mode, instead of edit html mode. just click and your problems will be solved. If only everything in life was that easy, eh?