"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm not Jewish, but I do have lipgloss on my eyelids

I would like to start out by saying BEAVER PEED IN HIS BROTHER'S PANTS. Okay, no he didn't, but it's fun to say all the same.

I managed to spend my 16th birthday in a coma. Okay, not really, but I slept for the vast majority of it. Yay for being sick and skipping school. My being sick is my main reason for not posting in such a long time. Yay for excuses!
Anyhow, I came back today and everyone was all like, "Happy birthday...yesterday." Which also included a happy birthday from Random Freshman...despite the fact he called me Jewish.......still confused....no I'm not.
I believe I had seven balloons popping out of my locker. Good times.

Although I am feeling better, I'm on the verge of losing my voice completely. Throughout the day it abandoned me. I've never been able NOT to talk--odd feeling considering the fact I never shut up.
The suckiest part is that Saturday is District in Superior. Yay for leaving the school prior to 5:00 am!

My mom bought me a dress for Prom. It's whicked neat. It's orange--I kid you not. I think I'm shrinking, though. Last year my dress was a size 5 and this year it's a size 3. *Gasp*
How did I manage to get down to a size 3? In middle school I was a size 7--I must be that good.
No I'm not.


zdf_jammin said...


Basically, different dress companies have different sizes for the same actual size. Don't feel bad, your probably a twenty, i kid you.

Besides, your a midget, thats crazy. As for being jewish, random parents told him he couldnt be a preppy, lmao. good fun. what a loser

Lemons said...

Haha, he wouldn't really fit as a preppy anyhow.
You could...

Uggghh, I burned Two-beards and K-Dawg rubbed it in. I think he may be after me.

Beth said...

I was at school on Tuesday--YOUR school. I did not see you : (

le penseur said...

I wasn't at any of your schools, fools, because I am cool like that.

Cooler than Beaver, even.


You can't be dying, Lemons. That's my schtick. There. It's fun to use random Jewish words. Hate to seem like a schmuck, but you'll just plotz when you read this. No, I'm not Jewish either. Have a lot of respect for them, though. I think my Chemistry professor is Jewish, though.

Yay for everything! yay!

you misspelled *wicked* you deviant lepregnome.

James said...

Where are you...?