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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

He did what?

I managed to get to school uber early to drop off Crowe's CD player 'cause he said he wanted it by 8:00, so I was there. Yeah, I pretty much sat outside his door waiting for him for 15 freaking minutes.
I was walking around the block when I saw Room (she had a different nickname, but I like this one better) talking to his guy. Hmm...if you know me well you know that I generally can't tell who people are from a distance (especially from the other end of the hall). However, I knew exactly who this guys was: Man-pretty.

First off, My Favorite Blonde now has red hair (doesn't make any sense), and now Man-pretty has blonde hair. It looks kinda tinted red from a little distance, but that is probably because his natural hair color is so dark.

Uggghh, I love the natural color of his hair. However, I have to admit that he does like uber nice with lighter hair as well. *sigh*

I should really be studying for my advanced algebra test tomorrow, but alas, I am not.

Bob O'Reilly called me a whore again. A few days ago we were discussing the book we had been reading and she called me a whore....then today I was taking a survey on what people thought of these hideous shoes (for my speech for her class). A few people said they looked like something a whore would wear. I asked Sister-sister and he said "whorish." As soon as he said that she said that they looked like something I would wear and that I could deffinately pull them off.


Oh, and by the way. I guess my plan is currently in rehabilitation. Or whatever....

My horoscope for today..."The responsibility of love is one you're ready for -- expect it to be given soon."

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le penseur said...

you do know that horoscopes are complete and utter bunk, right? just checking.

seems kind of harsh, with the whore talk and all. but that's what I call Ben, but the french version, "Putain." seems to work.

I am wearing this super awesome outfit. a green paisley button shirt, blue pinstripe pants, and brown/white checkerboard slip on shoes. You know you wish you could see it for yourself. Oh yeah./

he heh.

sorry. it has been a great feeling kind of day.