"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Monday, May 01, 2006

We have a winner

"There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma."

Man-pretty wins in the whole jersey thinger. He seemed so excited about it today during band. Plus he is also a senior--senority right there...I actually didn't expect him to WANT to wear it. lol

It's raining...still.
That's cool--I love the rain.
Some time during the day the office Nazis called off a whole bunch of practices, but they said nothing of girls' soccer. At the end of the day, they announced all the practices were canceled except track.
However, we received no notice from our coach, so we all (most) waited in the Commons until things were cleared up.
We did have practice and the office forgot about us. Isn't that lovely?

Uggghh, I found out I have tendonitis (sp?) in both my ankles. I was talking to the athletic trainer guy today and he played with my feet for like 15 minutes before he stabbed my ankle and said, "Does this hurt?"
It did...I'm not gonna lie to you.
Uggghh, I hate people touching my feet. If I have socks on I'm fine with it, but when I walked into the little roomy thing he was all like, "Shoes AND socks off." I wanted to cry.

I have this reoccuring dream that is slightly weird. I don't know how long I've been having it or how often I have it, but it's usually a little different each time with vast similarities.
Last night I had the same basic dream, but it was different in a way. The dream freaks me out, but it isn't scary...it's just the thought that freightens me. Last night's dream was comforting.
In a way it's a "missing part" to the other dreams I have had, but it also differs from a few variations.
I was telling Pink Piggy about all the symbolism my mind throws at me while sleeping. Seriously, I was laying it on pretty thick...I was kinda searching for something and when I found where it was, it was on the other side of a bridge...but then of course there was a homeless man wanting a cookie..............Idk.

Yeah, I just thought I'd share that little bit of information with you people. I was in a really good mood today, and I believe it was because it started out with a good spirits boost from my mysterious dream.

That and we had our first disection in Biology. *woot woot* I love ripping stuff open and inspecting their inards.

Is that weird.....hmmm...then again I am reading a book about Jack the Ripper..........


le penseur said...

that Chuck seems like it has been repeated. dunno.

would you mind when your future lover gave you a foot massage, or would you be disgusted by the idea? seems like it would be a sensual kind of thing, imo.

Cress said...

id like to throw it out there that i dont hate you, contrary to your previous posting on flessert's blog.

also, the CotD bears a striking resemblance to my SotD (Song of the Day), but only if you take away one major difference. My SotD began January 1 2006, is fully documented in a day planner labled "Song of the Day", and there has not been a repeat and the year is already 4 months old. thats about 125ish days.... thought id throw that out there...