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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Appeasing the fans

"Chuck Norris can jump-start a car using jumper cables attached to his nipples."

So I hear the fans want more on Man-pretty...

Well, I was at work today and I had the Mission Impossible theme song stuck in my head. At first I was all like, "Why....?" Then of course I remembered yesterday's MI:3 events.
I can't remember how it started exactly, but it ended in Man-pretty gliding down the stairs, stealth mode, with HWSFRN following him and singing the Mission Impossible theme song.

It was hilarious. Any other time it would have been funny, but the fact Man-pretty was searing a tux made it so much more enjoyable. Haha.
I loved how the people coming up the stairs just moved around him to avoid his stealthiness.

I got my prom pictures back...finally.
There is a lot of really good ones. However, the ones with me in them have me in them....so they suck.

While at work, I had eight hours to think about crap.
What I realized:
I am a horrendous flirt. Seriously, I'm just bad at the whole thing. I should be shot.
My version of flirting is being all "giddy," pretending to get mad, and then get over it.
It's not really workin' out all too well...I should just stop for the sake of all humanity.

Anyone want to give Lemons some flirting lessons?


James said...

The key is to flirt with everyone, even people of the same gender, that way people know that you're not really serious; and if you want to be serious, just flirt differently, make physical contact, tell your friends, the one's who talk a lot, about this guy who you really dig. That way the guy finds out and can talk to you if he wants, and if he dosn't talk to you you can keep on flirting without actually being shot down with a flat out no. It's really a fool-proof plan if you execute it properly.

ZFles said...

Wow, are you still living in middle school?

Lemons said...

Okay, I think I just pointed out the fact I suck.
You don't need to rub it in Beavs!

ZFles said...

nope, i was talking to "jaymz". who, for a long time, thought was pronouced jay M Z. damn

James said...

Hey, you know what Beaver, it works, and it works well, in fact it's flawless, so maybe you should give it a try sometime.

ZFles said...

no no. i need not to give "it" a try. i already have my system established.

Beth said...

And the winner of the special olympics (aka fighting online) goes to Beaver!

But really Lemons (whoa, I almost posted your real name here!), you can't suck at flirting. You just have to find the right fan base....not all people like to flirt or be flirted the same way, so you just have to find the kind that like the way you flirt. Chances are, you'll like them too.

Sorry, I probably won't be able to see you this weekend :( unless you can convince K to make a pit stop at RFDQ on the way home? Tell him I'd give him a free blizzard if my boss isn't there :-O hahahaha have mucho fun!