"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brass and percussion managed a first!

"Most tough men eat nails for breakfast. chuck Norris does all of his grocery shopping at Home Depot."

Today was amazing.
I woke up at like two something and stayed awake until my alarm went off at 3:15.
Pink Piggy, Ronald (once known as Skizzle), and I were the three last people on the bus, so we had to squeeze in for seats.
I shared a seat with Grandpa Stick and Randomfreshman, which was, to say the least, amusing. For some reason we started playing the alphabet game, but Portage County does not believe in billboards. HWSFRN was sitting in the seat behind us, so when he fell asleep RF poked him in the Adam's apple. It was great.

Brass and percussion was right away in the morning, so that was pretty cool. I actually played it very well...except for one measure in the Adagio of the third movement. I had an octive jump from low D to high D....I pooched it and hit a Bb.
I guess Beavs didn't have the timpani tooned "properly" or w/e, but we still got a ONE!!!

I pretty much spent the entire day with Random Freshman which was cool. The funny thing was he kept bring up REALLY old blog posts...things I can barely remember posting, to be honest with you.

Woodwind choir pretty much rocked it up, but their judge only gave them a two. Sadly, they probably did better than the brass and percussion.

Somehow Ronald, Pink Piggy, Random Freshman, No Punch, Man-pretty, and I all ended in K-mart. We kinda split up into the buddy system and I went off with Man-pretty. That was highly amusing. Man-pretty was wearing a tuxedo and I was wearing a pretty "formal" dress or w/e. It was great.
He kinda abandoned me to change and I had to find others in our little groupy.

Man-pretty went back to campus while the rest of us went off in search of food. We ended up eating pizza. I was shafted by sitting in the middle, but it was all good. Pink Piggy was on the far end, Ronald was on my left, then me, RF to my right, and then No Punch on the other end. Well, at some times the two guys would talk and the other girls would talk. Of course I did have a 'Skocil on either side of me, and it was amusing. If you actually listen to Ronald and RF talk you can tell they are related.
It was pretty cool......until something was said and I kinda got a little sad, but yeah.........

Someone declared the five of us "a posse," which is awkward because of the former posse 3/5 of us used to be in.
However, we are under deliberation and the status may change come Monday.
I have come to the conclusion No Punch is freaking awesome. I used to think he was a poop 'cause he would never pass the punch down, but he is actually a really nice, cool dude.

During the ride home No Punch was shafted and had to sit with Grandpa Stick, so it was basically RF and I and then Pink Piggy and Ronald behind us.
Somehow we came up with a handshake thinger. It's great. HWSFRN fell asleep again, but this time he was sitting quite a few seats back. Somehow the four of us manged to persuade this freshman chick to poke him in the throat again.
The best part was when I busted out my bright-red lipstick. Ronald apparently can't put lipstick on and ended up looking like Ronald McDonald (hence her new name she actually requested).
Beaver took the lipstick and put a dot on Grandpa Stick's Adam's apple...haha...loved it.

Once back in town, a few people just kinda hung around to wait for K-Dawg to arrive with the trailer. We had some major fun with that.

Uggghh, alas, I believe I am getting sick.
I just hope I get better before next Friday when we leave for Minneapolis.
I still can't believe Ronald isn't going.
No Punch and RF are on bus #3 and Pink Piggy and I are in #2. Pooey.


James said...

The fans are requesting a bit more on man-pretty.

To confuse you:

When you're with me I'm smiling
Give me all your love
Your hands build be up when I'm sinking
Touch me and my torubles all fade

who doesn't love Styx?

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