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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Band Trip!

"Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris."

I got home from the trip a couple hours ago. It was the best time of my life.

I can't even start to list all the enjoyable memories that were made.

We went to a random mall where I found out it isn't the best thing to go shopping with a whole bunch of dudes. Where's the Garbage earned his nickname in Arby's. Yeah...not exactly the greatest name...his alternative was Hot Tub. lol

The zoo was wet and rainy. The best part was watching the gorillas kick the shit out of each other. Those were some angry primates.
I got a picture of a monkey giving me the finger!

The science museum was kind of a disappointment. I really wanted to go to Body World, but one of our adult people told us we couldn't go because it started at seven. However, it started at 5:45...she lied. I was pissed.
Okay, so maybe I had a lot of fun, but Body World would have rocked. The IMAX movie was lame. It was supposed to be about oceans, but it was about the human body. K was pissed.

We went back to the hotel and Peanuts and I partied in the pool.

Yesterday morning we woke up at the crack of Ronald McDonald's Amish mother and went to the school thinger. I wasn't nervous until we were in the warm-up room and Crutches decided to freak me out. She told me to drop out...instead of playing a really high note I can only hit occasionally, she told me to stop the measure ahead. During the performance I did what she said--she pooched it. I felt really badly...the only time she played it by herself and she messed it up.

Valleyfair! I told Ju Freaking Wolf (lovely name, isn't it?) I had never been on a rollercoaster, so she had to take me on one. She and HWSFRN decided which one to take me on, so we got all up in the line. Pink Piggy joined us, it being her first time as well, and we boarded the Steel Venom. It was Pink Piggy and I infront of HWSFRN and Ju Freaking Wolf, and during the ride all I could hear was HWSFRN screaming "This is freaking awesome....Hi Can't Dance!!!"
Ju Freaking Wolf and HWSFRN decided to ride again, but while they were on it the ride broke down. What do they do? Well HWSFRN decided he would start dancing and Ju Freaking Wolf tried to hold him down.
I laughed my ass off.

After that fiasco, we all headed over to the Wild Thing. Ju Freaking Wolf and I were in the very back and HWSFRN was in front of us. I didn't realize just how tall that beast was. The three of us had an entire conversation before we reached the top of the first hill thinger. We went over and it was freaking insane. I was freaking out and needed closure, so during the ride I actually started telling HWSFRN how much I liked his hair from behind; at one point I actually reached out and started petting him. As soon as we got off the ride he was all like "What the hell?"
Good times.

Somehow I switched hands and ended up following around Pink Piggy and the gang. That didn't last. Man-pretty found me and we went on the bumper cars. That rocked. He's awesome.

Once again I found new people to hang out with. This time I was with a whole bunch of freshman. Good times. We went on Wild Thing...I sat with Random Freshman. It was his first time. I will not divulge much info for his sake. It was great though. He's awesome.

For some reason we all went into a little place that sold food *that was not selling food* and I watched them play poker. Once again, good times.

At the ampitheater thinger the awards were given out to the bands and choirs. Our band managed a first, choir first, and overall band first. *woot woot*

We went back to the hotel where we went swimming. I never had so much fun playing Marco Polo. Chicken was pretty great...Bowling Pin was under me and we won 2:2. He wanted to be on top, so we switched things up a bit: Random Freshman carried me and we totally dominated. *woot woot* for winning chicken!

Oh, before we went swimming I found Beaver's room was open and no one was inside....I stole a pair of Where's the Garbage's pants, Beaver's shirt and shoes, and walked around the hotel wearing them. Haha, good times.

We partied in Bowling Pin's room. I hearted the party until it was broken up.
Beaver decided he needed me to walk with him to the gas station because he had to tell me something. In the parking lot he confessed he just wanted to get me away from Random Freshman. Yeah, I chased him around the parking lot trying to hit him. When we got back K called us all down into the lobby where he announced there had been a theft. That changed the mood for the night. Pfff.

This morning Where's the Garbage, Bowling Pin, Pink Piggy, and I all went swimming. Bowling Pin left and there was a very amusing scene in the hot tub with Where's the Garbage. Haha.

Shopping at the MOA was chaos. It went from a large group, to half the size, to Where's the Garbage, Pink Piggy, and myself walking around. Where's the Garbage didn't even care which stores we dragged him into. However, he did kinda request we make a stop at Victoria's Secret...his jokes are amusing.

I bought a Chuck Norris T-shirt, a Franz Ferdinand T-shirt, a Nirvana T-shirt, a Nirvana CD, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I heart that movie.

The ride home started out stupid. This jackass junior guy decided we would watch Friday Night Lights for the third time while on the bus. We didn't finish the last five minutes the first two times, so we had to start it from the beginning.

Locker Buddy and Jelly Bean broke out the makeup and adorned like six girls, myself included. The whole freaky makeup was great.

Uggghh, it'll probably be a while before I get my two cameras' worth of pictures developed. *sigh*


Beth said...

: ( I wanted to see you !!!!!!

le penseur said...

now I know why you had a good weekend. cool stuff.