"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Maybe I'm lonely and that's all I'm qualified to be" --Meat Loaf

No CotD...I'm not feelin' up to it.

I just got home from the movies. I saw Benchwarmers, which everyone should see 'cause John Heder is my idol.
I told my mom I was going to the movies and she asked "With...?" I replied, "By myself...I'll probably see someone there."
I saw a lot of my friends there.
Too bad they were all there with boyfriends/girlfriends.

Victim was working and laughed when I walked in 'cause she knew I'd show up opening weekend.
I found a seat to squat on and sat there looking around for someone I would feel comfortable sitting with. I watched some people come in...a few families, groups of pre-teen boys, and mostly couples already slobbering on one another.

Locker Buddy came flying up asking who I was there with and when she heard my response she couldn't really believe it. She was trying to not be all awkward with the convo., but it's Locker Buddy...she's not good with hiding what she's thinking. One of the many reasons I love her.
She said she WOULD invite me to sit with her except she was there with her boyfriend she was supposed to break up with this past Thursday.

I sat through the entire movie feeling like a complete and utter reject. The pre-movie/intermission music didn't help--it was all REALLY bad love songs.

There was my moment of feeling bad for myself.

Slide Tackle and I were both discussing how neither of us have boyfriends, so we are going to ask guy friends to wear our away jerseys on the day of our last home game (like the football guys do for Homecoming).

The game of interest is a while away, but I can't decide which guy deserves (*cough* would actually do it *cough*) the honor of wearing my slightly fem jersey.

I was thinking of maybe asking Betty 'cause I have come to the conclusion I am in love with him (oh wait, I think I figured that out when I was 10...literally), but I'm not sure.
Then I had a though of maybe Random Freshman, but I doubt he would do it...plus I'm not sure how I would go about asking him.
Then of course there is Beaver. I'm not sure how Cupcake would feel about that one.
There is Man-pretty, but once again I'm not sure on the girlfriend issue bussiac.

Hey, you people should help me out....vote or something in a comment.
Your choices are:
  • Betty
  • Random Freshman
  • Beaver
  • Man-pretty


James said...

I'll wear it, I'd love to, and if ashley cares, all well, we're good mates


James said...

O yeah, hey, maybe you and I can hang out sometime, if you ever feel like needing a friend, you know, I'm mostly always available as far as my time is concerned.

Double Cheers! ...and I'm going to be drunk 'til the next time I'm drunk!

BEAVER said...


i'd vote---- i dont know. and i dont know how cupcake would go with it, RF HAS lost his mind, im dead serious, betty.....man-pretty.... one of them seems to be insured. i dont know about MP's gf though

James said...

She's cool with it

le penseur said...

Ah, don't worry about going to the movies alone. I've done that many times. People say it's creepy, but it would only be said word if I went to children's movies and such, instead of a slew of PG-13 and a couple R movies (only two, really, The Manchurian Candidate and The Matrix Revolutions). I wanted to take Mary to see MI 3 this weekend, but she hasn't seen the first two all the way through. Not sure it's much of a prerequisite, but I figured she doesn't like those movies.

You could give your jersey to another girl and create a controversy ;) j/k.

Don't let my latest entry fool you. I will go back to my blog when the time is right, and when I have something to post that doesn't involve my girlfriend. One of these days...(more than likely within 3 weeks)

peace out

CelesteAngel said...

It's only creepy to go to a movie alone if you're a guy and the movie is Brokeback Mountain.