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Friday, September 01, 2006

And I'm missing out on naptime because...?

My homeroom was moved.
I'm pissed.
Seriously, before my homeroom was right across the hall from Beaver's and I could just look through the door to be all like "ahhhh."

So I walked up to the room which used to be my beloved homeroom and found a note sending me to room 120. That's on the other side of the block thinger...needless to say, I was about to be late.

So I track down the room and find I'm the first one there. Locker Buddy popped up so we ventured into the room together.

Jasurda was sitting in the corner. He went from being one of the dudes who fixes computers to teaching gym and stuff.
So far, I like him...my homeroom is quite bad on the whole being on time deal and he didn't even say anything when Peanuts was like 5 minutes late.

I went to my first block class to be totally deflated. My Favorite Blonde and I found some desks when Mrs. Pippenger popped out the seating chart.

I sit next to the ex-boyfriend I don't get along with.

Okay, so it's Pre-calculus...somehow I was scheduled to take Trig AFTER Pre-calc. Figure that one out.
Mrs. P covered all the notes for chapter one...which was an "overview" of Advanced Algebra.
Screw that...she flew through an entire semester's worth of material in less than an hour and a half.
I wish I had my Beaver.

Second block--German.
My german name is Monika...as in Lewinski!!!
I love it.
Except for the fact my class is full of slackers...except for a few of my friends like Red Roses, Jelly Belly, Scrapbook, and Betty.
Yay for Betty! The fact his mom teaches that class makes it so much better :P

We were supposed to maintain the 3 French horn thing, but the freshman dropped band. Loser. That's okay 'cause J-J and I are going to get horny....French horny. I'm lame. I love that boy.
So K rearranged the band. The tenors are right infront of me, so of course I spent the hour trying to pet Jedi Hansolo's hair and screaming Ju Freaking Wolf!
I already went through my pepband music. I heart it all.

I guess we have 96 people in our band. Huge. K wants to have some sort of mini band or something. He's taking a few of each instrument...he said two French horns...we only have two. Score.
That's the good thing about playing in a small section.
Then again, the barry saxes are a small section and K said only one...I'd like to see HWSFRN and RF duke that one out.

I sit by My Favorite Blonde, so that's the coolest.

During lunch Mr. Dural said something about my hair and then proceeded to play with it. I didn't really expect him to just grab my hair.

Funny...Victim and I always fight over who's cuter...Mr. Peterson or Mr. Dural.

Then of course I managed to fall on my bum while taking My Favorite Blonde's stupid picture out of the garbage. Good times.

3B--English. Um...It's in The Fool's old room...my old homeroom. All the drivers' ed posters are down and tons of books are all over. Weird.

So I only have Mrs. Lenz first and fourth quarter. I guess Mollman is handling second and third quarters English for the skinnies. Just like freshman year!

We're down to 10 people in that class. Sad.

4th Block--Biology II
It's with Zierer...we have 4 projects for the quarter...that's pretty much the class.

I jacked my year-round schedule...we're not supposed to take them, but I don't see the point.

People let me know if they have any classes with me.

Second Quarter:
German I with Marshall
AP Chemistry (Yay for a class with Mr. Peterson!)

Third Quarter:
AP Chemistry
US History I
German II with Hanson

Fourth Quarter:
Anatomy & Physiology
Employment Readiness
German II with Hanson

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