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Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm not stupid, it's broken

I worked 40 hours this week. No joke...that's like full-time.
Then again, I work 4 1/2 hours this coming week, but school starts.

Okay, so my stupid stories start with last night. Maria, Pink Piggy, and I were working one side of the entrance and that one guy, Pink Piggy's sister, and the other guy were working the other side. Well, somehow we found out the other guy can't count money. I felt bad for him 'cause he was then dubbed "wrist-bander."

Maria and I were talking when this car started approaching the turn uber slowly. No joke. As the car was comin' up to us at moch-turtle, I asked her if she thought it was a little old lady or man.
Imagine my surprise when the car pulled up and HWSFRN was driving it. I laughed so freaking hard that I couldn't even get my insult out properly.

After my shift Marenisco and I walked around for an hour and a half. I saw HWSFRN and talked to him a bit while Marenisco went off on her cellphone.
Okay, so I do this thing where if I find something I don't want I put it in someone else's pocket. I used to put pennies in Man-pretty's pocket when I got change and I know I've put gum wrappers in Beaver's pockets before.
So I found something in my purse I didn't want...so my natural reaction was to reach over and stuff it in HWSFRN's pants pocket. He didn't even say anything until my hand was at the bottom. Then of course he freaked out on me and said I was nuts.
It was an accident! It's not like I was scheming to get all up in his pants!

I guess Marenisco was multi-tasking while she was on the phone 'cause afterwards she was able to tell me how many times HWSFRN called me a whore during our short convo.

Then there was this OLD carnie dude. He actually reached out and started playing with my hair. Too much! Then every time I walked past his game thing he said "There's my cute little red head."
When I went back this morning he said that every time he saw me I got even more beautiful.
After that I tried not to go past his booth anymore.
Then again, I think everyone has problems with at least one carnie folk.

One of the rides broke. The cable holding all the carts on the ride snapped and they couldn't get everyone off right away. I guess they had to get people off according to weight distribution so none of the carts would tip. It took them 20 minutes (so I was told) to get the last cart off and the girl was hysterical.

Pink Piggy and I went on the same ride after my shift. I got off 15 minutes early, so I ran in for one last ride. It's called the Rock -o- Plane or something of the sort. Basically, it's a ferris wheel with enclosed carts that you can spin. Pink Piggy and I couldn't figure out how to spin the stupid thing. We were trying to rock it and pull the break, but nothing was happening. It sucked.
We just started screaming like it was actually doing something.
Screaming doesn't work when you're laughing.
Pink Piggy said something about being stupid and I just popped out with "We're not stupid, it's broken."
After we gave up on the whole spinning deal we discussed it and "I'm not stupid, it's broken" is our new phrase. Just 'cause she and I do some really stupid things.

When the ride stopped we finally were able to gather enough momentum to rock it ever-so-slightly.

Her mom was down below laughing her head off.

I've missed Pink Piggy so much over the summer. She's one of my best friends and I saw her like twice this summer. She turns 16 on Thursday...or Wednesday. To be honest with you, I can never remember if her birthday is the 30th or the 31st....I just always bring her presents on the first day of school.
Seriously, it's a tradition...haul massive amounts of notebooks, a few pencils, pens, calculator, and Pink Piggy's birthday present.


le penseur said...

I guess that carnivals are good forms of entertainment up there in the sticks. People in SW Ohio are way too cool to go to a carnival. They (meaning 'me') sit in their basements and play GameCube or at their computers instead.

What's with creepy guys and the carnival?

Your situation with HWSFRN reminds me of that lyrics in the Blood Hound Gang song, "Bad Touch."--"Put your hand down my pants and I bet you'll feel nuts." (or something like that)

And in response to your comment, yeah, she's 14 (turning 15 soon). So much like her older sisters, too. Ah, she's cool, though.

Beth said...

Hahaha everyone in River Falls has the idea that carnies are jolly old gentlemen who resemble Santa Clause. This idea makes me want to pee my pants with hysterics, because the connection between Santa Clause and the pot-smoking, ride-braking, almost-raping carnies of the PC Fair is just too much.

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zdf_jammin said...

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