"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Okay, so I guess there's a song or a CD or something of the sort titled "My teen angst now has a body count"
I find this highly amusing.

So Friday I was all sad for some reason.
Here's what went down:

So I grabbed J-J's marching beast of a melaphone rather than my own 'cause mine is held together with tape.
I got to the field and realized J-J doesn't keep a lyre (sp?) in his case like a sane person. So if anyone saw me in the awkward position of having my music between my legs and leaning backwards...it's J-J's fault.
Too bad it was his music I had between my legs...don't tell him :P

Then of course Random Freshman and He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless had to "dance" during one of the songs. When I say dance, I mean move their hips in awkward ways.
Now when someone's sitting and the people making odd motions are standing it can get awkward. No joke.

So when I left the game it was 42-12...I left before half-time.

The highlight of the game? Talking to Peanuts about guys. She and I are so ffffing close it's not even funny. She's telling me about her experiences and wants and then we laugh at mine.
She and I both have "issues" with this particular freshman...but I kinda like this girl...she was up for "Freshman of the Year" (Beaver, we need people for that award...all my nominees decided to be stupid and be...stupid)
Nine o' One was kinda listening in going "Wait, who do you like...which guy?" at random moments. The best part was when I started getting really loud and Random Freshman decided to walk by.
We all had a giggle fit.
Until the same EXACT thing happened to Peanuts...only with a guy she doesn't like but I guess used to...she was telling me stories from days past.

So I actually went and got a new blog. I probably won't actually post in it, but having it makes me feel better. No joke.

I now own The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. I love it.
It doesn't have "Sword of Damocles" on it though. I didn't like that song anyhow.

Okay, so I probably won't post often this next week. Homecoming is approaching fast.
We had a junior class meeting for anyone interested in doing float/hallway/window. Six people showed up...Wait, four...I'm not going to count President Poseur and I 'cause we're class officers and we're "supposed" to be there.

President Poseur decided to bring up the topic of Prom. I just want to make it through HOMECOMING alive before I even delve into the prom business.
He wants a pirate themed prom.
I told him I would hit him in the face if he suggested it again.
Then a few girls want a Ho-down theme.
The Kennan/Catawbans want to have a Kennan/Catawban based prom. No joke, it was actually suggested.
So far the most popular idea is Alice in Wonderland.
....Because we're all 7 years old.

Okay, so I don't have any good ideas myself, but I'm trying....and these other ones are kinda far out there.


James said...

How about a Roarin' Twenties Theme? Rocky Horror Theme, muah ha ha. Not really serious about that, but if it happened...haha the weirdness of it all would be so...weird...

le penseur said...

The band name is First To Last, in case you were wondering. A humorously morbid kind of title if you ask me.

zdf_jammin said...

from first to last, and posuer would say pirates. i like the roarin twentys thing actually. through in some swing, and big band

what a good time