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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Too much fun in the paint program

The Chuck of the Day:
"When Chuck Norris does division, there are no remainders."

I took this picture and disguised the innocent with paint shop. This is the Philly Forensic team from top left:
HWSFRN, Steal (who is the only one not going to state), Vote Al Sharpton, Coach F., (bottom) Roses (formerly known as Red), myself, and Pink Piggy.


lewisdean78785451 said...

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Lemons said...

Hmmm...I know of three other blogs with this spam. I will leave it up just because it has been such a long time since I've been spammed.

le penseur said...

I'll take some porn if Lemons is in it. Lemon pr0n would be so hawt, oh my gawd I'd shat myself fer shor.

Get Photoshop.

connor said...


oh man. thats what we used to call it when i was in high school. i did poetry. what do you do? hahah. i noticed cali was trying to steal wisconsin's cheese business. jerks.

Beth said...

who is steal?