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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reasons why this day in history sucked

The Chuck of the Day:
"Once you go Chuck Norris it is physically impossible to go back."
(I would like to state I did not pick this one...Peanuts requested it)

I woke up twenty minutes late, but I still managed to leave for the bus three minutes early. Figure that one out.
Once at school, the buses wouldn't let people out until like five minutes to eight. I mean, COME ON!
I went to Pink Piggy's homeroom to do some work for Mrs. Laurila, and I was scared. Her homeroom is dead silent...I kid you not. Usually you can't even hear the announcements in The Fool's homeroom (due to the TV being on ESPN, The Fool yelling, girls talking, and a brother and sister who refuse to stop fighting).

I went to first block where I found out I am no longer allowed to touch my best friend any more. To be honest, he's probably one one of my friends I touch the least because he is a guy. I mean, I even go as far as to kiss some of my chick friends ON THE CHEEK. (Sorry if you're reading this Mom.)
I guess it doesn't matter anyway. At least I can still talk to him unlike a few other friends I have who got boyfriends and have barely spoken to me since despite the fact her locker is right next to mine.
However, I do understand where his girlfriend might get mad. I have a tendancy to be clingy. I will learn to back down.

Second block was shit. The girl I sit next to isn't the brightest crayon in the toolshed, but she's cool. Anyway, whenever a question was asked I would give her the answer so she could feel a little better about the material. Of course she got all the credit, but I didn't care until she said something about how I really was a loser 'cause I had almost every answer. Yesterday's tests were handed back and I managed to get a 95% which I then received ridicule for by the same girl. The topic of conversation landed on Prom, and all the girls in the vicinity were talking about their dates and whatnot. I stated I didn't have date and I was going alone...for some reason that was a foreign concept to a lot of people. Whatever.

Band was cool. J-J came back and I hugged him. He makes me feel better.

During lunch this stick-thin girl I was sitting next to (one of the same from biology second block) made the comment, "Damn, got enough food?" Hmmm...that made me feel good about myself. I'm a size three, exactly how small do I have to be? I already feel selfconcious when I sit next to a girl who wears size zero and she had to make that statement. Thanks Cheetos.

I have to abandon my nickname system for this next little bit of whining because this is how much it upsets me.

Caleb Kopecky is DATING Val Leinon(sp?)! WHY?!?! He was dating another one of my friends and when she was all up by my locker waiting for him we would talk. However, now I have this chick who used to make fun of me on a daily basis dating the guy who has his locker next to mine. I have to slap that boy with an extra-large roll of duct tape.

On my way to practice I walked out the locker room door and saw something no one should ever have to view: HWSFRN wearing some sort of spandex/lycra/suctiony pants with little shorts over the top. Uggghh. I started walking down the hallway towards the elevator doors, but I could hear him walking behind me. That image was burned in my head for all of practice.


I hope tomorrow is better.
Uggghh; however, I do have this new kick ass CD Peanuts burned for me called Razorblade Romance by H.I.M.
I heart it.

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