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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's okay, I'm a hoochie

Chuck of the Day:
"When Chuck Norris goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe, and instead requests a hand gun and a bucket."

I heart talking to Marenisco. I called her after practice and we talked for around an hour. Good times. She is so amusing. She's coming to our Prom and I'm so excited to see her again! I guess her dress is slightly tiny, but then she made the comment "It's okay, I'm a hoochie." Then we made plans to get ready and whatnot before the dance. *woot woot*

Coach Desotelle gave us our starting positions for tomorrow's game (despite the fact we're normally not going to know until right before the game). I'M STARTING! Given, I am starting on the crapiest position on the field. I guess I hath been branded as left full-back because I can kick just as strongly/accurately with my left leg as my right and no one else can really kick with their left leg.
I'm excited.

I believe HWSFRN and I may have corrupted Random Freshman into becoming a forensics dork next year. HWSFRN and I were talking about state (can you believe he and I have to spend roughly eight hours in a vehicle together? Someone is probably going to die) and reminiscing about District (a mere three weeks ago, sadly). RF said he wants to do a monologue (*cough my category cough*), but HWSFRN decided he wants to corrupt RF into joining him in poetry.
Then of course HWSFRN made a statement that I never really realized before: all the girls on our team are in the poetry or have been primarily in the category except me.
I prefer the solo-acting category where I have to stand up and recite a memorized monologue rather than reading poetry from a card.
*HWSFRN is also the only dude on our team doing poetry*

Tomorrow I have to get my work permit from school, find out if we are actually going to state (I had a confrontation with one of the secretaries today about how as of today we weren't cleared to leave the building at all for ANY reason despite the fact Coach F. already got a check from the school...), get my crap together for our soccer game, go to the soccer game, and go home and get all my State gear ready (yay for packing).

Friday I have to go to school, assemble in the Commons, get shoved into the Retard Racer (literally, it used to be a SpEd. car or something), sit in a vehicle for four hours until we reach Madison, HOPEFULLY go shopping, find some Prom shoes, get ready to perform, perform at the university, celebrate results, head back to the hotel and flop.

Saturday we may get to do a little shopping, haul ourselves home for four hours, call Marenisco, get ready for Prom, go bowling (maybe), go to Prom, dance, dance, dance, and come home.

Sunday I get to go to work!


zdf_jammin said...

is mark one of the only guys too?

Beth said...

*comment for previous blog*
SHWHAT!?!?!?!? MY homeroom was SILENT?! What the hell...maybe I need to go back and lecture, because that NEVER used to happen.

Lemons said...

Yes Mark is one of the two guys on our team, but overall he is one of the few dudes in the category throughout the district.

Yeah, your homeroom was silent. It is also teeny because every time someone moves they move out of your homeroom *like you did*!