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Monday, January 23, 2006

The same story twice and my panties on display

I freaking hate my new classes! I never thought I would miss biology, but I do. During speech I had to give a one minute speeche--my topic you ask? "Describe how rainbows are made." I didn't know what else to say, so I just asked "What came first, the skittle or the rainbow?" I got a giggle out of Bob O'Reilly.
The only one of my friends I sat by was Betty. Unfortunately, Bob O'Reilly moved him because he was being "trouble." New York sits in the back and we kept laughing at eachother. This should be a long quarter.
I almost fell asleep during History of Economics. The Fool literally gave exactly the same assignment to us that he gave to my driver's ed. class. Within one class period I noticed how similar the two classes are--that's sad.

I went to band and found that someone had been in my stuff. Jelly Bean claims that I have obsessive compulsive disorder (I'm pretty sure I don't!) and that is why I organize my stuff the same way every day. Well, that is how I know someone was all up in my Billy. (Billy is my French horn for all of you who have never heard my say "Time to blow Billy!") The case was open and propped up to the left of the cage. I generally have the bottom latch closed, the case in the middle of the cage, and pushed to the far back.
I was kinda pretty much pissed about that, but then HWSFRN came up behind me and told me this uber long story about how he was having the worst day ever. I shall label his story "I got boned...and then I got uber boned." because he said that phrase at least three times throught the entire thing. I laughed, went to band, played, went to the storage room where he finished the uber long story. Sadly, as we were walking down the hallway talking, Varsity walked up to us, so he had to start the whole thing over--which meant I heard it not once, but twice.

During Adv. Algebra I sit nowhere near Varsity or Beaver (who sit by eachother--lucky). At the end of the class, Beaver told me that we had a YAC meeting tonight. He forgot to tell me! Gosh Beaver.

I had light blue pants on during dance practice today, and I guess you could see my panties through them or whatever. I really didn't care 'cause you couldn't tell unless you were all up in my butt. Well, while I was stretching, Victim and Roll Around noticed the smilie face on my hiny, so I pulled down my pants a little to show them my cute drawers. Bad idea.
First off, we were in the Commons where people often pass through to get to the other side of the building. Well, one person in particular turned the corner just as my pants were down (when I say down I don't mean all the way down, I mean like an inch or three). I quickly composed myself as he kinda awkwardly smiled or whatever. Then of course Victim had to tell him what we were doing, the story of how my pants were see through, and how my drawers had a smilie face on them. He pretty much just stood there, turned red, and walked on.

Who is this guy you may ask?
Mr. Hommerding--the ancient teacher who has been teaching history at our school since the beginning of time itself.
Very not cool.


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le penseur said...

at least you could make an old man happy.

CelesteAngel said...

ben, you're sick.

well, don't worry, lemons.

At least they were happy drawers...