"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here's my beaver--tan it.

I was on the bus this morning sitting in the back talking with a few other girls. Well, our bus driver decided he was going to drive over the curb and send a few of us into the asile. Oh that was a fun way to start out the day. Barely awake and on the bus floor.
I was walking through the building trying to wake myself and this guy came up behind me and kept saying "Hi Amy." My name pretty much isn't Amy, so I really didn't think to respond. He started tapping me on the shoulder and was all like, "Amy, why won't you say hi...or can't you hear all the way down there?" I made up some excuse and we talked for a little bit. I didn't have the heart to correct him. I told Donkey about it and he laughed at me. Now whenever I hear somebody say Amy I have to pay attention 'cause they might be talking to me.....

I'm sure most of you now that I've been freaking about my Chemistry Exam V and all that I had today. I walked into chemistry shaking because this is the last test we have before our final sometime next week. It took an hour and a half, but I finished it and then moved on to biology. I sat down next to Locker Buddy who asked "Ready for the test?" I was so freaked over chemistry I forgot about the biology test. I did okay on it I guess...could've done better, but hey....
During lunch I was talking to Big P who said something about the tests we had today during lifeguard training. I guess I missed that message....Luckily I skipped 4th block today 'cause The Fool took me out driving.

I now remember exactly why I call The Fool what I do. He was acting out some kind of event that happened to him over the summer (I wasn't payin' attention to him), and all of a sudden he held up his hand and said "Here's my beaver--tan it." I looked over at Sir Duct Tape and we giggled. The Fool started telling me something about how he knocked up his wife and the plans he has for his babies. Amusing teacher...I have him next quarter for History of Economics. Fun fun.

I was walking down the hall after school when He Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless caught up to me. He and I started talking about something and I got a WEE bit distracted. He was headed out to the student parking lot and I was headed down the same hall but only to the auditorium for dance practice. I completely missed the door and kept walking with him until he walked out the tan doors and then I just turned down the other way to the band room like I had been headed there all along. I felt like such a fool.
Anyway...while we were walking he said something about my being called Lemons. He just realized that I am the Lemons chick that added him on his MySpace thinger. Within two seconds of knowing my nickname he comes out with this incredibly dirty joke. I was completely stunned at how fast his mind works. I mean--wow. I looked up at him, he smiled at me, and I pretty much couldn't talk after that.

I hate how he does that. I know exactly what I want to say to him, but when he actually looks at me it's like I can't control what I say and I generally just pop out a "You're stupid" or "You're a freaking loser." He'll just totally burn me and we'll go on our merry way.
Just once I want to be all like, "Yeah well...you're a loser, but I like you anyway" I wonder what he'd say to that. I could always give it a shot tomorrow, but he'll probably look at me with his blue eyes (he's the only guy I've ever liked that DOESN'T have brown eyes) and I'll forget what I was going to say.


le penseur said...

I has teh br0wn eyz lem0nz

Beth said...

awww man i miss the fool

the girl who's being outrageously flirted with
AKA Beth

zdf_jammin said...

ben is jealous!


and check out my new blog. my old one was old

le penseur said...

oh yes, I am f*cking green with envy. you can just tell. you're the one who should be jealous, Beevs, cos Lemonz is my secret myspace and blog lover.

mikekline6330 said...

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Beth said...

yaaaaaaaaay you get to read EMpire Falls! You MUST tell me what you think of it :-D

BEAVER said...


Lemons, if i can post a comment from school, under supervision the even The Fool, you alone can make a quick post! FOO!

anyways, theres like three minutes til I see you at band, and I'm going to tell you the Theory of Relativity and the Beaver joke. So when you read this comment, you'll remember and I did in fact slap you yesterday! Because guess what, it may have been yesterday, or the day before, but it happened!