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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The list

In the words of Red, "This is my wanted list. Everyone on it is wanted by me." I told Victim that I would not stop until my Wanted List had eight guys on it. There is a specific order to the list, so yeah....

  2. Giant Floating Hippo
  3. Seth Green
  4. President Clinton
  5. Matthew Lillard
  6. Brandon Flowers
  7. Mr. Peterson
  8. Betty

Give me a week and the list will be down to four.

I no longer have chemistry, which means no HWSFRN and no Mr. Peterson.

No more lifeguard training (say hello to Miss Certified!) so that's a big good-bye to Giant Floating Hippo and President Clinton.

On a few good notes, I completely passed my chemistry final. A giant woot woot for that if you were one of the few people who literally saw me shaking after I left Mr. Peterson's room Friday morning. I swear I was almost in tears--that was the hardest test I've ever taken!

I passed all my certification for lifeguard training and am applying for a position at the pool as soon as I turn 16.

Giant Floating Hippo decided to be "open" with me and announced that his shorts were about to fall off. He busted open his chin, so he couldn't swim the final day, but he did end up taking off his shirt for no apparant reason. I "accidentally" kinda flirted with him after that.

Tomorrow starts a new quarter along with new classes.

1st Block-Speech

2nd Block-History of Economics



4th Block-Adv. Algebra. with Beaver, Varsity, and My Favorite Blonde (who ironically is no longer blonde 'cause she dyed her hair purple).

My grades for this quarter were freaking awesome. I managed an A- in chemistry, an A in biology, an A in band, an A in English, and an A- in lifeguard training. I have to admit that is the first gym class that I've managed to get an A in :P

I begged New York to let me do the choreography for the "YMCA" section of our dance routing. She willingly (after days of begging her) agreed to let me do the entire thing by myself. I pretty much only wanted it so I could do the sprinnkler! Yeah, I was listening to it and I realized it was 9 full 8 counts. I have my work cut out for me. I should probably be doing that, but I'm not.

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le penseur said...

Don't forget what I've been telling you about HWSFRN. People always seem to want what they cannot have, but just make sure you keep a clear head. Be cool, my ghetto lepregnome princess.

--Ohio Monkey Lover