"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beaver slapped, once again

I would like to report that Beaver keeps slapping me in his stealth manner (some instances I don't even know he slapped me until two days later).

I really hurt my back. I'm not sure if it was from dance or swimming. I think it may be pretty much better, but I have to go back to the doctor's office to make sure. Blah.

On Tuesday I was waiting for pepband to start, so I pulled out my secret black notebook that contains a whole bunch of poems I've written and junk. Well, Donkey came in and I guess I got up and left the notebook on the table. About an hour later I realized it was missing and found it a few minutes later in a spot I had not left it. I really hope no one read that beast.

I desperately need a job. Tomorrow I shall receive my certification for being a lifeguard. If worse comes to worse I'm applying at the pool when I turn 16.

Yeah, my mom is forcing me to apply at the same store Donkey and Sister-Sister work at. The sad thing is that I know for a fact if I apply there I would get a job. My mom has "connections."

I accidentally felt up President Poseur. I was spine-boarding him during lifeguard training today and when I went to go tighten one of the straps I didn't quite realize where my hand was....bit awkward on my part. I just moved my hand and asked him if he was cold.
Oddly enough--about two hours before I molested him I made a joke and asked him to hang out with me this weekend. He said no....but it was all in good humor.

Uggghh, everyone think of me between 8:25 am-9:55 'cause I have a chemistry final.
Everyone think of me between 10:00-11:30 'cause I have a biology test.
Everyone think of me between 1:55-3:25 'cause I'll be finishin' up my lifeguard training tests.

I was so freaked out today. I was walking to homeroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody I didn't recognize. I just figured it was a new kid or something. Then of course I did a double take and recognized the guy wasn't new, but he did cut his hair, shaved his dirty sanchez, and put on a shirt without stains. This guy just so happened to be Whelk Boy--I was stunned because even with out the 'stash he looks high.
The other night I had a dream I was at my locker and he came up and put his arms around me. I couldn't pull him off me or anything and everyone turned to see us together. Somehow had control of me and what I said to my friends. I literally woke up, sat bolt upright, and found myself breathing heavier than I should have been. Odd feeling.

The Fool threatened to give me a detention because I was sitting in his box. I'm sorry, but if you leave a box sitting on the floor the likely hood of me trying to sit in it is VERY high. It was pretty fun until I got a cramp in my leg and then realized I was stuck in the blasted thing.

I would like to leave you all with the following:
The Beaver is not hung like the horse--the horse is hung like The Beaver.
When The Beaver enters water, The Beaver does not get wet--the water gets Beaver.

....there's a few more, but Beaver will have to write them down for me.

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le penseur said...

When I become a psychologist, after I become a nurse, I'll give you some good psychotherapy, deal? :-P

Secrets are quite juicy. I probably told you about my journal that I kept toward the end of school, and people tried to read it and I'd go nuts on them. Sometimes, we are the only people fit to handle our own thoughts.

Poor lepregnome. While you are sitting in chemistry, I will be look ing for Oasis concert tickets, and while you're in lifeguard, I'll be starting work and waiting for a phone call from The Pro.

I love losing sleep talking to her...

Ahem. Be good, my lepregnome princess of wisconsin.