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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why talk about Lemons why she's standing right there?

A note to the bitches who were mocking me while I was two feet away:

I'm sorry I was "in your space" while I was waiting for Bob O'Reilly's door to be unlocked. I apologize for waiting for class while infront of your lockers. I mean, when you needed to get through, I let you through. Of course, it was rude of me to continue to stand there while you three stood there gossiping. I quite loved it while you all made fun of me for "standing like I was invited there." Next time I'm waiting outside a class I'll use my super-human powers to determine whether you three dilholes will be in charge of the hallway.

While I was stretching for dance Victim started talking about me while I was right there as well. Only I must have been not paying close attention because I got uberly confused. Don't get me wrong--it was all good things being said but wow.
I got kinda shocked and was all like, "WHAT?!?! Why didn't you tell me earlier...wait, who? Why were you and Train Hat talking about me? He said what, how do you know?!?!"

I'm still in shock. IDK how this happened. I mean, it's a good thing, I guess, but uggghh!!!


sara hand said...

hey sexy whats up holy wow im on my blogger! haha! call me!
<3 Sara Lynn

le penseur said...

Ohio Love Monkey will take care of those bi-otches, gangster style!