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Friday, February 10, 2006

I accidentally intentionally made my best friend cry!

I was performing my forensics thinger infront of Pink Piggy and she started to cry. It's sad, but it's not THAT sad. Idk, it's kinda cool that my performance was actually life-like enough to make someone cry. Hmmm...

Okay, so I ask--no, I BEG for you people not to talk to Random Freshman about me.
Guilty people:
  • Victim
  • Beaver
  • Pink Piggy
  • Skizzle

I walked into the bandroom after school and he and this other guy came in shortly after. We all kinda just hung out and whatnot. I think Random Freshman may have been trying to impress me with his musical abilities and ended up breaking a high-hat which I had to then fix.

I'm still confused as to why/how he likes me. I mean seriously! Way back before Homecoming I was trying to hook him an Pink Piggy up, but I started to like him so I stopped that plan. Now he likes me--how does this happen?

Pink Piggy keeps laughing at me because she finds the whole thing hilarious. During pepband he kept turning around and saying things to me that made no sense. It's rather sweet actually. The funny part was how Pink Piggy and I were actually talking ABOUT him while he was not even a foot away. Good times.

Uggghh, we had to perform on Tuesday and it was freaking hell! During JV the CD started way too early (we weren't even on the floor yet), and during Varsity the wrong CD was put in. Today, we had to do something for the middle school or whatever. We were all waiting by the door when Holan (yes, Holan) walked by, lit his torch, and ripped off all his clothes. I never in my life wanted to see Mr. Holan rip off any of this clothes. When we were actually performing, Clinton put the wrong CD in (seems we never get a break). Good times.

Tonight's performance was better I guess. Well, except for the fact my pants fell down and revealed my revealing panties. Haha, that happened at the middle school performance too. Gosh, who's idea was it to buy me a size large instead of a size medium???

For speech we have to give demonstration speeches and I'm going to demonstrate how to put on makeup. Betty agreed to be my volunteer! I think it's going to be quite fun putting makeup on such a cute guy :P I'm really excited for it. lol

Anyway...I'll leave now.


zdf_jammin said...

Sorry bout's that Lemons. He was cool about it. Its Random freshman....

anyway, no worries. i finally am getting 955 on my radio. it never came in before. i feel so sped

le penseur said...

*cough* weiner *cough*