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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well that's naughty

What was with today? Seriously.
Cutie and I were standing at my locker slightly all over eachother...okay, I was all over him. This guy just looked at us and started screaming.
We just laughed.
Then game German. Gird got Frau Hanson's attention, and she thought he ACTUALLY had a question. He didn't. He just shouted "Frau, I saw two people kissing in the hallway. Their names start with an M and a C."
A whole bunch of people were like "OOOOO." I laughed. Cutie thought it was funny.

Finale concert tonight. It was fun and sad.
So Cutie, Pink Piggy, Ertz, and I were all standing in the band room just kinda hanging out. Ertz and Pink Piggy were talking (she really likes him, it's adorable) and Cutie and I were pretty much attached. Pink Piggy just looked at me and started smiling.
We had our arms around eachother and we were talking and stuff. Someone said something about "getting a room" and we stood next to eachother instead.
I looked over at the door and saw his dad walk by and look into the room. I was like, "whoa, that would've been awkward!"

It really sucks dating the superintendent's son. I'M SO SCARED HIS DAD WILL JUST TURN AROUND THE CORNER!

We played our songs and it was sad. I sit by like 90 seniors or something so I was just like, "wow, this is your last concert!"

Then when we were leaving the stage Pink Piggy leaned over and asked if I had seen Cutie's dad. I was like, "yeah, I saw him walk by." And she just stared at me and was like, "No, he was standing in the doorway watching the two of you when you were all up on eachother."

That sucks.

I feel bad for always being on Cutie. He's so sweet and innocent...well, at least he appears that way. I feel like a dirty whore when I throw myself at him. Yeah, I even told him that Slide Tackle and I are going to get him drunk at her graduation party so I can take advantage of him.
That reaction was priceless.

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Think Tank said...

You are one kinky little woman, aren't you? I love how my Life Span Psychology book makes so much sense of it all. hah.