"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today rocked hardcore

My letterman's jacket FINALLY came in.
I don't think I failed my pre-calc quiz.
My insect collection got a 92%.
Fabian got an 88%.
I rocked up my band lesson.
I can actually play my solos well.

Hmm. What else?

I'm trying a new tactic: being nice to HWSFRN. Like, creepy nice. It's hilarious. He'll start off by calling me a whore and then I'll be all like, "Whoa."
...Well, except for the other day when he was on one side of the hall and I on the other...screaming "whore" down the hallway.

So I told him something I probably shouldn't've, but it was amusing. He just stared at me with this huge smile on his face.
The awkwardly niceness is actually kind of fun.
Oh, and today I told him I bought him a Christmas present last night. I think that one may have caught him a wee bit off guard.

I pretty much raped Beaver during lunch.
Oh, and Beaver, you still haven't told me your girlfriend story.

I'm so happy the quarter ends Friday. I'm pumped for AP Chemistry...too bad I still haven't started the assignment sheet.
I should probably get on that this week.
That class should rock hardcore...just because of who's all in it.


Oh yeah.

Lost it again.

I assume Mr. Peterson will be yelling at Peanuts and I to shut up on a daily basis...but that's okay due to the green corduroy pants. (I think only Peanuts knows that joke)

Tall Creepy Guy (I didn't name him--that was Peanuts' deal) and I had a throw-down in the hallway the other day. I asked him if he wanted to fight and he was all like WHOA.

There was a condom on the floor infront of my locker yesterday. I have no clue why. I "discreetly" screamed "Who lost a condom?" Mrs. Gernaey gave me a heinously awkward look.
Good times.

I love Pink Piggy hardcore. No joke.
So at lunch the other day (quite possibly yesterday? Who knows) she and I were sitting on one side of the table and Chocolate and the guy she likes were sitting across from us.
She's so bad at being subtle.
She and I started talking about our prom committee business and whatnot and she just whispers as LOUD as she could "Should we ask them?"

It honestly surprises me that NEITHER of the guys heard her. No joke. Consider me flabberghasted (sp?) Personally, I believe it's a wee bit early to be asking people, anyhow.

Hmm. So she and I badgered them with the "You should really go! It'll be fun! It's our junior prom...we'll go to your junior prom."

So Pink Piggy worked on the one dude and I tried to talk to Chocolate.
To sum it all up, it ended with me saying "Why are you so good at ignoring me?"

Thanks Chocolate.


le penseur said...

The tongue is quite the instrument, is it not? Good words to him. Nice to be blunt.

Shouldn't you always be nice to HWSFRN? I recall advice I was given my sophmore year of high school, about 4 years ago. This girl in my acting class, Anna, wrote in my yearbook: "Be nice to the ladies and they'll be nice to you." Apply that to guys (unless...*raised eyebrow*) and you'll be set.

When I hear Chocolate, I think of the LG phone that Lindsay has. It looks sleek.

zdf_jammin said...

I feel bad i didnt tell you when i could. but ive pretty much sworn to myself but all the angst behind.

James said...

Yeah, we men tend to zone out sometimes. Sometimes, there can be no ambiant noise at all and yet when the female speaks, nothing from her lips is absorbed. Kind of enigmatic, like the Bermuda Triangle or waterbras.

zdf_jammin said...

waterbras? i love it