"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not enough time

I really want to expand on this stuff, but I don't have any time now. Maybe later.

Mr. Peterson is growing a beard. Seriously, it's driving me insane.

HWSFRN now wishes to be known as Pretentious Jackass.

I can no longer use the words whore/hooker/ho/slut infront of Mr. Peterson.

Horn Boy is completely okay with my sticking my hands in his sweatshirt.

Horn Boy is actually a 17 year old female...according to MySpace.

Chocolate struts when he walks.

Having small boobs FINALLY is paying off.

I have Badger's (Beaver's little sister) clothes in my locker.

HWSFRN gave *** AIDS, which he got from me.


HWSFRN gave *** AIDS, which he got from Peanuts, who got them from me, but no one can know who exactly I got them from because I'm such a whore. However, Tall Creepy Guy may be the person who gave them to me.


HWSFRN gave *** various strains of AIDS and/or butt herpes because I date raped him.

Same story with 3 actual outcomes.

The moral of the story? There are some things I WON'T do for $25.
Haha. That's a story I would like to get into.


le penseur said...

$25 dollars? I thought it was a nickel! Man, I feel cheated out of some dough. Do you like the AIDS, though?


Men grow beards when they feel secure in their relationship with their wives and with their children, and to help them feel more mature. My guess, at least.

Many of these items deserve elaboration, darn it!

And in response to your comment about Snow Patrol, I've heard "Run" and "Chocolate" from the previous album. If I get enough funds later on, I'll keep adding their stuff to my collection. I love British rock as it is, so it works.

James said...

I grow my soul patch because I look badass with it

but seriously, it's great to have somthing to run my hand on when I'm thinking