"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, June 04, 2006


A few days ago I was talking to HWSFRN about completely stupid stuff. Somehow the topic switched over to Madison. He said something along the lines of I should look into going to Madison. Haha.

I would love to go to Madison. Honestly, just being in the city gives me this feeling like I'm at home despite the fact I live hours away.

The crap-shoot?
I didn't even care about my grades until I was standing infront of Bascom Hall. Of course, by then I had already let myself slip. Yeah, my GPA isn't horrid, but it isn't good enough to get me where I actually want to go. Some statistics that I found say the average ACT score for freshmen at UW is 26--STATE AVERAGE IS 22!!! There is no freaking way I'm going to get a 26 on my ACT.

Pink Piggy thinks I'm worrying over nothing because we got back the results of some crap-ass standardized test we took earlier in the year and I scored advanced in every category. That means crap to me!

My dad and I just had a "talk" about my future. Oh wait, he just tried to talk me out of going to a "large" college. He wants me to "reconsider" my interest in Madison. I made a joke about how if I don't get into UW I'll just apply to Edgewood (also in Madison). Then of course he said, "I see you as a small-town girl, not a big towner. If you go to a big college you'll get eaten alive and bad things will happen."


Switching topics now.

I take my driving test tomorrow. I'm scared out of my mind. The place I'm testing in has traffic I've never driven in before--it's nuts. Yeah, I know it's not bad, but today was the first time I've ever driven in any type of traffic. (Hmmm...now that I think about it...I think the whole "If I can't handle this traffic what am I going to do in Madison?" comment lead to the whole college talk with my dad)
So at 8:30 tomorrow morning I'm going to be trapped in my Barney Mobile with someone I've never met trying to muster up some driving skill I do not have.
Wish me luck!


le penseur said...

it's already the morning in the EST zone, unlike you odd CST zone folks...hmm...makes me suspicious....

yep. well, there is always community college. works just fine for me. cheap, and I get to live at home.

and if you're going to move, really move, like to a university in Hawaii or California or Florida. balls to the wall or sit and rot. have some fun.

ZFles said...


city living is only for those who have tried.

i think cities are fun for everyone, but you have to stay a while before you make a descion. my opinion

after spending some time in the twins like i did last summer, i found that when i got back i kinda liked the fresh air and trees and lakes. i found the cities had some disadvantages, but overall, im going to choose cities for colleges.

eaten alive and spit out? i dont think itll be THAT bad

James said...

Hey, good luck on your test, good luck going to Madison too. A 26 shouldn't be that hard. I didn't really prepare and I managed a 31, so yeah, np.

James, out

le penseur said...

yeah, about the 26, I knew a guy who went in while stoned and got a 26.