"We'll never be as young as we are right now." --Jim Steinman

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Our band consists of 90-some people, but for the parade today roughly 30 showed up.

Pink Piggy, Beaver, Manny, My Favorite Blonde, J-J, the freshman French horn player I am yet to name, Random Freshman, HWSFRN, and a whole bunch of my other friends didn't show.

I was lonely and alone. Seriously. Ju Freaking Wolf rode with Sister-sister, so I was veging out on the bus alone. I had these freshmen girls sitting behind me. Back in middle school I remember them both as being pretty neat 6th graders. I believe they may be in the running for the coolest freshman title. Uggghh, I tried counting the amount of times they said "Oh...My...God...." Highly amusing stuff.

Hmmm, during the parade I was shoved into the front row due to the lack of tuba and barry sax players. I was in the front left column, do you know how much that sucked? Seriously, ever time we took a right corner (two) I had to run to keep up with my row and the guy I was marching next to was laughing hysterically. Grandpa Stick and Ju Freaking Wolf were behind me and they were just all like, "Look at her run!"

Jedi Hansolo showed up, but then again, he does live in that general area. I heart him. I went to give him a hug and instead of pushing me away he actually let me hug him. Then of course I pointed out he was wearing the pants I "got into." Oh, that's one of the pictures I have......Yay.


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ZFles said...

hey, i was working. cut me the slack. i heard k-man cut a hole in one on the 9th. im sure he was happy